Premium eBooks - Notifications if they get updated?

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    I was thinking of how if an eBook I purchased on iBooks or BookWalker needed an update (to say, fix typos), it would notify me and ask me to download the update. I'm guessing you will be updating ebooks if you find any typos in them, like you do with the weekly chapters. Will there be any way to notify someone who ordered a premium ebook from this site that they can re-download the file to get the new version?

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    I can't seem to post this anywhere other than the games forum. I am sure I put it in suggestions.

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    @erictbar This forum clearly has issues with new threads sometimes, I can't reproduce it on my end.

    As for updates, I think that I will add in a "version" display to the My library page, and maybe let people know of updates in the ebook newsletter (and here on the forum).

    We'll only be fixing small things (hopefully!).

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