Gal Gun 2 now has a full VR mode.

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    The full Gal Gun 2 (not to be confused with Double Peace) experience is now able to be experienced in VR.

    All the cutie pies, angels, and demons you could ever
    hope for are here right before your eyes!

    Gal*Gunners around the world have made their voices
    heard, and now, the long-awaited "Doki Doki VR Mode" is here!

    Every aspect of GalGun 2 has been fine-tuned to run
    in VR! From shooting stages and Rendezvous Mode to
    Doki Doki Mode and everything in-between,
    it's the complete Gal
    Gun 2 experience in VR!

    Get in close and you might just get a hug...or a slap in the face!

    Is your body ready to enjoy the world of Gal*Gun in virtual reality?!

    (I thought this was a Doki Doki Literature Club DLC based on the name).

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