Watched an anime, would you buy the novels?

  • I guess the poll is simple to understand.
    When you watch anime first, or read a good fan-translation of a series, would you buy the e-book volumes?
    Or would you wait till they reach the volumes you haven't read/watched?
    Or prefer physical copies to quench some collector soul thirst~

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    If I liked the anime and want to know how the story ends (as long as the LN is complete) yeah, I'd buy the LNs. And starting from scratch is a given since anime tend to skip a lot of things, reading it all from the start can give a lot of information that might get referenced in later volumes, too.

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    As long as I can legally support it I would buy from square 1 all the time.

  • Also don't have to enjoy the anime to go on to buy the books. I didn't even finish oregairu as i didn't enjoy the anime, but i have bought the books and have enjoyed them.

    I'll pretty much read anything as long as the story sounds interesting to me, regardless of how good or bad the anime was.

    I also don't see the point in starting to read a series mid way through. Miss too much content that most likely will be relevant later on.

  • @timmaaah
    Well, I, myself, starts with the 1st volume, but many people do skip the adapted volumes, so I'm trying to see what people actually do about these cases around here.

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    If i like the anime or manga enough i will check the LN most of the time, but if can i will begin by finding a free version of the 1st vol to have good opinion before buying, JNC is really usefull here cause for their new serie i can just read the prepub.
    Concerning the fantrad, if i like the serie i will allway buy the licence versions, even if didn't plan to read it again soon.

  • I usually watch the first 1 or 2 episodes and if I really like it just get the LN the same day and if the LN ends up being better I end up dropping the anime. Slime anime is really good tho so I still watch it every week.

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    The reason I'm here is because of novels I got interested in because of animes, starting with Invaders. Well, I guess Spice&Wolf got me into novels, because that was the first LN series I bought.

    Now, it goes both ways... I'm interested in several animes coming because of the LNs.

  • The interesting/funny part here is no one chose waiting for later volumes, when some did say they will wait in kokoro connect thread.
    Am I sentenced to keep getting mixed signals from JNC forums?

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    @bloodygaikotsu If we waited for later novels, where would "Me, a Genius?" be?

    But you're always going to get "mixed signals" with a diverse group. We all have our own paths to get here, as it were.

    (this reminds me of a conversation with someone from Viz Media at Anime Central a few years ago. "I may be an otaku, but I'm no where near the level to do cosplay", to which she said, "You're importing stuff directly from Japan - Cosplay is coming!")

  • (1)-if anime was bad/i dont like story then i would just read spoilers/summery of each volume or how it ends in novel

    (2)-if anime was good and i have a good feeling that it wont have next season (as i prefer anime over ln/manga) then i move to light novel and if

       (a) it dont have physical copy then i first go to internet to know how much anime has skipped, where it end. 
              (I) If anime dont skipped a lot (like devil is a part timer) then i would read novel from where anime has left.
              (II) if anime has skipped only some part then i only read that part OR if the part are very minor then i just read spoiler of those part.. and then start reading from where anime has left
              (III) if anime has skipped a lot (too much) then i read from start.
        (b) if it has physical release (and i like it too much) then i will collect every volume.

    (3) If i am reading fan translation and then it is license then i would wait till it reach fan translation (except if it is physical and i like that novel a lot).

    Other points-
    A- I buy physical light novel less (untill its very very good) as i prefer physical manga over novel.

    B- I only start series whoes translation is complete as i like to read it in one go(there are some execption). I dont like to wait for next volume (thats why i am not a JNC member). So point (3) dont happen that often

    C- i dont buy physical if its illustration is very ecchi. Why?? Parents
    Edit - Why 2(a) and 2(b) part are looking like this??

  • @someoldguy
    You're misunderstanding smth?
    Later novels as ones after the anime.
    "Me, a Genius?" got no anime

    Mixed signals as two different polls say different things on the same platform with the same group of people

  • @bromit
    At least I got detailed answer.
    Well, I prefer novel over anime, so I jump at novel automatically as long as my financial state allows it lol.

    Well, I guess when the company do digital-first like how YP with Square Enix titles or some Kodansha titles like Kasane or JNC (as they started printing stuff now), I get hesitant with buying the digital release as I prefer a physical release.

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    If I like an anime then yes, I most certainly will buy and read the light novels from the start (assuming English translation). For if I've read the fan translation though it depends. While not often the case I do like the fan translation for some series better than the official translation and when this is the case I'll just keep reading the fan translation without giving the official one much thought once I've read through the preview. The only real example of this I can think of though is the Magical Girl Raising Project translation as the greater majority of the time the official translation will be the superior version.

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    I can read on the go more easily than watching anime, if only because epubs are tiny compared to video files.

    Overall, my answer would be a safe "it depends", but if forced to make a statement one way or another, I'd say I would at least check out the novel if I found the anime acceptable.

    On the pro-novel side, there is the possibility of there being more worldbuilding and lore in the text than what the anime covers. In the case of one of my favourite LN series, Outbreak Company, there's even a whole inner dialogue thing with the protagonist that the anime doesn't cover, which makes him a lot smarter and canny than the anime portrayed.

    On the anti-novel side, there is also the possibility that the anime is essentially the "cleaned-up" version of the original light novel, in that all the rough edges and wonky plot points and generally poor writing is edited out to make for a more coherent story. This especially applies to webnovel sources, since they tend not to get a proper look-over before (web) publishing, which can lead to awkward transitions when the author suddenly inserts some explanation or lore that they forgot to put in earlier.

    The trouble is that without actually reading the novel and comparing it to the anime, we have no idea which case applies. Which means we can only take it on an individual basis, both in terms of specific titles and personal tastes.

    I do actually prefer to check the manga version for a title that I'm not as confident about spending time reading, incidentally. This is because I have learned that for the most part, publishers (and probably authors) are terrible at writing informative blurbs, so I have no idea what a story is actually about. So in the case of manga, I can skip the first chapter entirely, since the second chapter will usually have a quick summary of the general story concept. I'm trying to find a close enough workaround for light novels and anime.

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    when buying novels
    My first priority would be for story completion,
    Second is collection and supporting the series.

    so when an anime has story that is interesting enough to me, regardless I like the anime or not I would try to look for the original source to complete the story. be it from fan translation, summary, or just a book preview.
    then when I like the story well enough is the deciding factor of buying the physical or the epub.
    more often than not I would stop on just the epub tho, because physical would be too expensive for a dust collector of never opened easily damaged dead tree.

    though yeah some title just exists in dead tree version too. like Log Horizon , Spice and Wolf, Haruhi, Re:Zero

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    I already have. I have every volume of Overlord, which I did discovered via the anime. I also have picked up all the books for other series I started via f-tl. So I'm a Spider to name another.

    Would list the others but I'm writing this while I should be sleeping so....... goodnight.

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    @shyevsa Spice and Wolf is available via Kindle. Yen Press beat the Japanese publisher over the head with sales numbers from other books in digital and got the to try it out with the 1st 2 volumes.
    Now the whole thing is on digi.

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    I started reading LNs to continue the stories of anime shows I liked, but I've always started with volume 1 since anime often cuts out some parts and changes or rearranges others.

    I've branched out to reading LNs that have no anime adaptation. I really like JNC letting members "try before you buy" using the website version since I might or might not like a series that other people love. I buy all ebooks since I already own more paper books than I have bookshelves for.

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    @jampodevral they are available in digi now? I might not search hard enough when I decide to buy the book some years ago.

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