Sense of Value

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    I had a though, what are you guys willing to spend on certain things, manga, LN, Blurays in general and for certain things. For example you might be willing to spend 50 bucks for A but not even 10 for B and in general 20.

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    I'll buy full series blu-ray sets for around $30-40 CDN, but no way in hell I'll pay for Aniplex and their absolutely insane prices.

    I'll buy LN/Mangas for $7-10 CDN (digital).

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    For blurays, it depends on roughly 3 variables:

    1)How much content
    2)How much I like it
    3)How much it costs

    As for content I guess an average of 3-5CAD per episode on a bluray (or roughly 15-25 cents per minute), so if bluray has 12 or 13 episodes it would be 36 - 65CAD. 65CAD does get into the quite expensive range. I got Cardcaptor Sakura for about 220CAD witch is about 3.14CAD per episode witch is in my range and I just Love CCS so I would have gotten it anyways. Now for the really really expensive stuff like the Monogatari blurays it kind of depends on how much I really like the series, and even then in the case of Bakemonogatari I will see how the anime is and does it add anything that I do not get from the books before buying. Though I prefer blurays over streaming so I think the amount I am willing to pay can go up a bit from the 3-5 per ep and that can influence me getting a bluray of an expensive bluray. And the personal content price does go up as inflation goes up, who knows maybe ten years from now I will be willing to spend 10-15CAD per episode (because of inflation).

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    For a manga, it needs good art. If the art is trash, it's not worth 2 pennies. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there's been a few stinkers I regretted getting based on the art, and didn't continue them.

    For games, I try to wait until they're sub 30 or 20.

    LN, it doesn't really matter. Maybe if it were 13 bucks or something digitally, I'd hesitate though.

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