New Year's Resolutions (2019 Edition)

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    Happy new year! Got any fun New Year's Resolutions to share?

    I have a goal to finish 100 novel volumes this year. This will mainly include light novels, of course, though any novel counts.

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    I never do well with resolutions. I know what I'd like to do, and what I can practically accomplish.

    Practical Resolutions

    1. Do more fun light novel content. Whether that involves a new YouTube channel dedicated to it, just more videos on my main channel, a blog, more dedication to the LN podcast, or just a bit more fun requests here, I want to get more involved in consuming LN and creating fun content, especially that involves light novel discovery.

    2. Take care of myself more. More working out / walking. More listening to music to stress relieve. More sleep.

    3. Read what I've bought. xD

    Impractical Resolutions

    1. Learn Japanese (I haven't even sat down to learn the Hirigana alphabet).

    2. Become a Vegetarian.

    3. Read Western novels (no time). =(

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    @stardf29 said in New Year's Resolutions (2019 Edition):

    I have a goal to finish 100 novel volumes this year.

    That's like 2 books per week! How much do you often read? If I put myself to it, I can probably read 4 or 5, though I don't.

    My new Yeats resolution is to get drunk once, for all of my adult years I have never once gotten drunk.

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    I put my goal at 60 again. I finished 57 light novels in 2018, so I came up 3 short.

    With the increase in out-put from J-Novel expected this year (whether volume count or license count), I could see someone who just reads everything published here alone getting close or surpassing that 100 count.

    How many volumes total did JNC publish in 2018?

  • My resolution is to avoid Soda for the entire year of 2019. I didn’t drink much Soda but since July my family has had so many parties and with that came all the leftover Soda. I figured cutting out Soda like I’ve done for many months before will make me feel much better.

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    I don't drink much soda either (I used to only drink soda, and never water when I was a kid, gave it up in college), but I drink the occasional glass (twice a month?).

    If someone doesn't put it in front of my face, I have less desire for it.

    Fried food is what I need to give up. =(

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    I used to drink a lot of soda but now I’m probably 10-12 times a year (last week I had a ramune with ramen, it’d been a while before that). I do feel better for it!

    I want to eat less bulk and less sugar, as I get older it’s harder for me to shed pounds. I exercise quite a bit (I teach yoga for a living), but I do love to eat. Had New Years Hot Pot tonight and more caramels than I should speak of.

    Limiting sugar is hard. I’ve been sober for 13 years, tried most hard drugs at one pint or another and have given them all up but sugar? Man, I’m an addict for that...

    Happy New Year everyone - wishing you a great 2019 filled with fun and relaxing reading!

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    I heard so many near years resolution that it makes me sad just knowing the probability that they will happen :*(

  • I read 146 volumes last year, but i don't think i'll end up reading as much this year since I'm all caught up on the JNC releases that i'm interested in, and they haven't licenced anything i find interesting in quite a while so there hasn't been anything new to pick up.
    The goal for this year is to finish off the backlog of books that i currently have, which hopefully won't take too long.

  • @drone205 that’s why you pick a easy one you know will have a lot of impact and is easy to do. Example, writing down to the cent on how much money you spend everyday, that helps one improve and fix spending habits and it’s not too hard to do.

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    Technically I want to "learn a language", but it's a language I already kind of know. It's just that I "know" it because I spoke it when I was very young (eg age two or three), and then never used it after encountering people who were not my family (eg teachers). So all I know is scattered simple words, and almost certainly incorrect grammar rules.

    However, since it is part of my heritage, I figure I should get my grasp of the language back up to moderately decent levels.

    (The language is Indonesian, if it matters.)

    Right now I'm working on it via Duolingo. It really showed me where I needed to work on: I have little problems with vocabulary, but grammar is kicking my behind.

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    • Don't gain all that weight back
    • Don't die
    • ???
    • Profit!

    I got nothing interesting

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    @hyferzftw said in New Year's Resolutions (2019 Edition):

    My resolution is to avoid Soda for the entire year of 2019.

    I definitely encourage you in this. I gave up soda several years ago now, and it was one of the best health decisions I ever made.

    It can be tough around the holidays, like you say, with lots of get-togethers where soft drinks are plentiful. Ask yourself why you want to give up soda – is it to lose weight? To improve your dental health? (You don't have to tell us the answer, you just have to know for yourself.) Then when you're confronted with soda at a party or something, think about what you'll gain by skipping it. (Picture being able to take a walk or run, for example, or imagine the dentist telling you you don't have any cavities.) That will make it easier than simply trying to will yourself not to drink the stuff. Not easy, necessarily, but easier.

    I hope that helps!

  • @kevin-s thanks for the advice.

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    I'm stealing yours---

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    @kevin-s I used to work for a vending company and would drink at least three 20 oz bottles of coke a day. The hardest part when I quit was the first few weeks. A lot of people don’t realize that caffeine is a drug and the withdrawal headaches I had at that time were horrendous. That was probably about ten years ago and I drink coke again, but only a 12 oz can in one day so nothing like I used to.

    As far as resolutions, the main thing for me is to lose wait. The medication I’m on right now is a strong depressant and leaves me sleepy all the time. I’m hoping to get it changed when I see a different doctor in a couple of weeks and will have more energy to burn.

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    • Drink less caffeine (I mostly drink coffee, but way too much)
    • Work out a bit (not looking to be a bodybuilder or anything, but maybe just improve on my general health)
    • Attempt dating, because I'm getting old and I haven't really bothered as of yet
    • Be happy, learn to appreciate life a bit more, and work on my depression issues
    • Get a real job again, because freelance developer work is too unsteady and having no benefits after years of having them is not fun

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    @drone205 said in New Year's Resolutions (2019 Edition):

    I heard so many near years resolution that it makes me sad just knowing the probability that they will happen :*(

    I think that's kind of the point. In making a resolution, you're setting a goal to work toward. It's a goal which you can spend an entire year working toward. As long as you don't give up on that, it's not failed. It's just uncompleted.

    As for me, I want to get my Japanese level back up to par. I started studying again last July, after a year of practically no use other than the brief "how do you say "------" in Japanese" questions I tend to get, and was amazed/scared by how much I'd forgotten. With language, it really is use it or lose it. I'm even considering moving back to Japan for a while for the sake of being able to practice without being looked at like I'm incoherently stuttering. For example, for those that don't speak the language, one of the most difficult words to say when I first started (and one which I still practice occasionally because it's a real tongue twister), written in romaji, is atatakakatta (暖かかった), and yes you have to pronounce the "tt" twice or else it would be some kind of abstract word with a meaning I can't even begin to think of a sentence for. It's the past tense of an adjective meaning warm, but only refers to an item and can't be used for weather because that's a different word (a lot of beginners get confused by this because English only uses the one word option for warm). Japanese has a lot of words like this, and they get easier once you get to the point that your brain uses them for meaning rather than just a word that you're reciting, but you do have to use them in conversation (both hearing and saying) occasionally if you intend to keep the ability to use them. Otherwise, they're just like any other vocabulary which you managed to learn for the sake of only knowing the meaning, but can't properly use.

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    Not really new years resolution but I plan to make more homemade food and hope to make it the norm where take out and fast food is the exception.

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