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    I thought it would be fun to have a place where we could list the books we are currently reading whether they be JNC, other Light Novels or other books fiction or non. Feel free to comment on ones you’ve read and get the discussion going.

    For me I’m currently reading:

    1. I Shall Survive Using Potions vol. 1: I’m caught up and enjoying this series. Good Funa fun!

    2. Cooking with Wild Game vol. 1: one part behind and this is way better than I thought it would be. Has way more cooking than I’d expected and I like that.

    3. Der Werwolf vol. 1: Got this in the Amazon sale and am about 70% in. I like the tactical fantasy focus and it’s full of well developed characters.

    4. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average vol. 2: I am about 80 pages in and have been taking a break on it. Funa is always fun and I’ll probably start actively reading it when I finish something else

    5. Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria vol. 4: This is a good series but parts 3 and 4 I haven’t liked quite as much as the wonderful part 1 and very good vol 2. I think it would have been better as a single volume game, but I’m only a little in so there’s room for that to change.

    6. Combat Baker vol. 2: I love this series and am happy to get back to it. BookWalker has been cranking out volumes too, so I have a lot to catch up on. Sven and Lud are a great duo!

    7. Nothing Ever Happened vol 3: Something totally different, a non-fiction biography of the Indian guru Papaji. Probably not of interest to anyone here but it’s a great read.

    Ok, that’s what I have. Just finished Toradora Vol2 and looooooove it. Maybe my favorite LN series I’m reading.

  • Currently reading: Konosuba Vol. 7 - Always love Konosuba, so funny!

    Last book read: Isekai Mahou Vol. 8 - Can't they just bring out the next one already.

    Next up: Re:Zero Vol. 5 - Need to catch up on this series before Vol. 9 comes out in Feb and they start hitting the content that wasn't in the anime.

    Tomorrow Ragnarok drops as well, so I'll be reading that once it comes out as well.

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    In complete total as of right now I could just say this list--

    Though presently I'm working through the FF7 novel, SAOP 5 & Little Apocalypse 1. I tend to swap between paperback -> ongoing title -> something new per chapter read cause I'm an awkward penguin..

  • With prepubs I have

    • Realist Hero 8

    • Arifureta Zero 2

    • Potion Loli 1

    • Wild Game 1

    • Kokoro Connect 4

    • Elf Bride 4

    • LDM 4

    • MoRBoE 6

    • Bakarina 2

    Meanwhile, I recently finished Defeating the Demon Lord's a Cinch (If You've Got a Ringer) 1 & 2, and now I'm going through NGNL from the start, now on vol 2.

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    @cosm1cfall How do you like Defeating the Demon Lord? I’m thinking of picking that up

  • @the-green-death so far so good! Personally it's an approach to isekai I've never seen anything like before. I recommend it.

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    I'm marathoning Rokujouma seeing as I just splurged on all the ebooks released so far. Between volumes I'm planning to catch up on prepubs released while I was reading, this time Wild Game & Potion Loli between V1 & 2.

    Before that I caught up on Kokoro Connect with pre-pubs between volumes (see a pattern?)

    When I finish Rokujouma I'll be rereading the previous volume of Amagi Brilliant Park ready for the new volume that'll be released on the weekend, though I'll probably be about two weeks behind by the time I'm up to that.

    I'm eternally stuck behind on Re:Zero too, need to read volumes 7 and 8, and the second EX volume. I can't read multiple volumes of it back to back but want to be caught up ready for the post anime stuff.

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    @cosm1cfall Cool, think I’ll pick it up today if it’s still at the bookstore

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    I just go back to reading WN fantrad so i'm on quite a number of serie.

    • Grimgar vol 13
    • I shall survive using potion vol 1
    • The New gate vol 12
    • Ascendance of a bookworm
    • Tensei shitara ken deshita
    • So I'm a spider so what, i read all the LN but that 4~5 months gap is too much so i start the WN
    • Instant death vol 2, the translation of the second arc is so bad
    • My death flag show no sign of ending vol 1
    • World customize creator, somewhere at the begining of the second half, a strange serie not bad enought that i want to stop reading it not good enough that i particulary interest in what happend.
    • The culture serie vol 1
    • The mistborn trilogie, i'm probably going to put that one on hold to focus on it later.

    I may start the Game of Throne prequel cause it look cool, but come on George stop writing prequel and side story, give us the f***ing end of the main serie.

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    @the-green-death I finished Der Werewolf 1 and 2, pretty addicting!

    Man, I’m about halfway through Empty Box 4 and like it so much more than I was when I first posted. It’s gotten so emotional and this is why I loved the series in the first place. I think my irritation with volumes 3 and 4 being two separate volumes for one story had less to do with the length of story and more to do that the wait between volumes made me lose momentum. I wish I’d bought these a little later so I could have read them one after the other.

    Anyone else reading Empty Box? I feel @Terrence would really dig it. Probably @BloodyGaikotsu too

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    I just haven't read V2 (mainly because we haven't covered it in the cast, and the forum reading group I read it with weren't continuing with it because of some of the graphic moments).

  • @the-green-death said in Currently Reading:

    Anyone else reading Empty Box? I feel @Terrence would really dig it. Probably @BloodyGaikotsu too

    I think I mentioned it before but I'm a big fan of Eiji Mikage, so I read it long ago and I'm waiting for YP to release them all to purchase the whole series for the re-read and collection.

    I even suggested another 2-volume amazing series by him before and am getting his noir(?) mystery from Vertical as well. (Coming out later this month)

    I haven't mentioned anything on this thread cuz I'm not reading anything atm due to various reasons including exams.

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    @bloodygaikotsu Doesn’t surprise me you’re a fan of his, seems right up your alley. I also didn’t know about the mystery from Vertical - looks like I have something new to buy!

    Good luck on exams!

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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Currently Reading:

    am getting his noir(?) Mystery from Vertical as well. (Coming out later this month).

    Is that one releasing digitally, or no? I know not all Vertical stuff does (but I did get Dark Maidens digitally, still gotta read that).

    I searched for masquerade nameless on Google Books, but nothing pops up.

  • @terrence
    Only paperback.
    I think all their Kodansha titles are physical-only.
    The Dark Maidens was from FUTABA BUNKO.

  • @the-green-death
    alt text
    Well, at least I got this and more waiting for me (You can see Lala Pipo on the top)

    I was reading Nisemonogatari 2 but had to put it on hold for now.

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    A few of those are on my wish list or already bought. =)

    I gotta get through Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (rented My Solo Exchange Diary). For today, gotta read The Bride was a Boy if I have time.

  • @terrence
    BTW, Hell is by the same author as

    1. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Turned into an anime movie by Mamoru Hosoda and licensed in English but don't remember the publisher)
    2. Paprika (turned into a movie by Satoshi Kon and the novel is licensed by Vintage)

    However, Hell is outta print, I had to purchase a used version. (I even found some kind of a paper from Starbucks used as a bookmark lol)

    Well, those are my backlog that I already have, I still got more books coming a bit later like Katanagatari or I want to eat your pancreas. (But they got late due to some issues)

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    I've rented Tokyo Decadence before I think from my library (that's the short story collection, right? One of them involves a dude whose identity gets stolen and uses it to run up charges at a bar and have sex with a woman, then the dude tries to figure out what it was that attracted the girl to the fake him). Gotta read more of them.

    Boogiepop is on the shelf (got that in the B+N sale).

    And Six Four I've seen a lot. I gotta try it someday.

  • @terrence
    Haven't read it to say for sure what type of short stories included but I love the work of this author, Ryu Murakami, he focus on the dark sides of contemporary Japan, I came to know him through Miike's live action movie, Audition. (Also licensed by Vintage)
    That's why you can see 2 different books by him. (I think I'm only missing 2 book to collect all his works In English discarding one outta-print title)

    I even got Vertical's short stories collection "Season of Infidelity: BDSM Tales from the Classic Master." By Oniroku Dan. Lol
    it's hidden outta frame right above lala pipo

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