Freeium Members: this another readingbait(to early for this system to roll for this website)it will lose popularity if you do this early

  • I wish have free member support than being another system that only(currently i cannot read other chapters) paid members can read all novel but guys who cannot afford to subcribe this website cannot have fun like me...or this website will die easily due its doesnt have fanbase that will love this website
    (We know this website are trying to support the author who creating this novels but this system is a huge block for potential future members or fans of novel will release on this website that gonna be paid members in future)if planning to release a free member status(its okay to delayed release for them via 1day to 3days or adding ads or something)

  • Translators

    @era-sasa Freemium only really works if we have a very large catalog of content, so we can't do that right now.

    Maybe once we have a couple hundred volumes translated...

  • @era-sasa
    I'm with @Sam-Pinansky on this. I don't think making everything available for free is a smart move.

  • @era-sasa
    Besides, the fanbase here will only keep growing in my opinion.

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