What's your 'Guilty Pleasure'

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    This isn't an ecchi or H reference, (at least not necessarily)

    A guilty pleasure is an activity or piece of media that someone enjoys but would be embarrassed by if other people found out about it.

    • list itemmaybe a series that's so bad it's good (at least to you)

    • list itemmaybe a series that you still enjoy from your childhood, even though it's childish

    for me - something that would be out of character, if you knew me, you'd never suspect that my guilty pleasure is josei romance anime- for example I'm enjoying Domestic Girlfriend right now.

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    By that definition nothing is my guilty pleasure, even my coworkers and bosses know that I go to Anime Expo and AnimeNYC, and they know I like manga and anime etc.

  • @jon-mitchell said in What's your 'Guilty Pleasure':

    Domestic Girlfriend

    That's a shounen tho lol
    But no, got nothing on me~
    I even share the weirdest stuff I read online~

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    @bloodygaikotsu It's shounen? What, the magazine it is in?

  • @smashman42
    Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine (same magazine as Fairy Tail and Bakemonogatari)

    Aku no Hana was in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shounen Magazine not in a Seinen one.
    Junji Ito was serialized in a Josei magazine for a while too.
    Many people believe that Horimiya is shoujo but it's from Monthly G Fantasy

    Demographics really doesn't tell you anything about the story lol

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    @bloodygaikotsu ah, so your first lol there meant how people take what mag it is in as indicative of some important category? That really is lol-worthy "I've had my birthday, better throw this shounen/shoujo in the bin & get out a seinen/josei now"

  • @smashman42
    Yeah, smth like that.

    I believe it's better to remove magazine from first impression equation since it's not always indicative of anything.
    I found many shounens that read like shoujo and many shoujo that read like seinen moe romcom.

    Edit: ofc, there are a few exception when the magazine has a concrete policy to what type of stories they publish like Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara magazines

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    maybe you don't have a guilty pleasure then- or maybe there are titles among the anime/manga you follow that others would be surprised that you like.

    for some a 'guilty pleasure' - might be a anime that you like but illustrates a 'gap' between what you like and what your friends/ coworkers would assume that you like. Maybe is that one thing that is a different genre than your usual, but you follow anyway.

    another example: imagine a 'Hell's Angel' who's also a Brony

    is there something within the Anime/manga/LNs that you are surprised that you really enjoy?

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    @jon-mitchell in that case I can say with conviction that I have no guilty pleasure, all I like is a good story that connects throughout.

    I have read every genre from Josei to Yaoi and everything in between and beyond, as long as the story is good I would proudly say I read such and such.

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    I have no guilty pleasure series, if I like something I like something. I have no issues proclaiming my love of a certain series. Sure there are some series that I love but have a hard time recommending to people but that does not come from a sense of guilt or whatnot. I love the monogatari series but find it hard to reccomend to people; obviously the taboos are a reason why it's difficult as some people might feel uncomfortable with a loli-con MC. There are a lot more subtle reasons too.

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  • @sinnoaria said in What's your 'Guilty Pleasure':

    but that isn't due to embarrassment or anything like that.

    Last bit sounds too tsundere not to point out~ lol

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    With that definition if we exclude porn which is keep hidden for obvious social reasons, there's nothing i would really feel ashamed if people know i like it, since i don't really care about other people anyway.
    But if i extend the definition to thing i'm ashamed all by myself for liking, then my guilty pleasure would be shitty isekai, the kind of isekai people who don't read LN imagine when they say isekai is bad. I find thoose book annoying then boring but at the same time kind of entertaining especialy the begining. So i start a lot of them that i just quickly drop and since they're all so similar they're all mix up in my memory. For some like Kenja no mago i keep reading just for the translator notes, i can feel him is loosing his shit at how bad the book is and it make the whole thing really entertaining.

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    Everyone in the loop knows that I play a ton of eroge (even share a lot on my FB lol) and read/watch a ton of isekai/harem, but to people who don't know about anime I'm not sure they even understand what I'm doing.

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    Flaming counts for you. It’s ‘out of character ‘ and something that you don’t advertise

    Your guilty pleasure doesn’t have to be something ‘bad’

    The Sanrio/Netflix anime Aggretsuko has metal karaoke as the MC’s guilty pleasure (and emotional outlet)

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    @sinnoaria I think it depend on what you defined as an H-game, if it's something like Fate Stay/night, it's not a problem, if it's one of thoose game advertise on streaming/porn site then it's not really the same thing.

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