Is the illustrator an element that can sell LNs to you?

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    Faraway Paladin, Grimgar, Spice & Wolf... Yes, illustrations can help sell me on an LN and make it easier for me to conceptualise the world and characters, improving my reading experience.

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    A particular artist may not, but the art does. The more the better

  • Some people had to explain that they won't continue a series just for the artwork...well, not like I questioned that. It's not an art-book, after all; my question was about trying new series after all. (Well, we got our answer tho)

    It's leaning towards "Yes" with varying personal rules.
    A captivating cover sure is what got me researching many series to suggest (you know, my interest in a lot of my suggestions started with the cover) or buying many books off the shelves.

  • What got me to ask was many people upvoted a suggested series after knowing the illustrator name so I got intrigued about this and wondered if it really has a huge effect on picking up new series behavior.

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    A good cover is able to get you to pick up a book and have a look inside, without knowing anything else about the book. It absolutely has the ability to sell a book to someone.

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    I would love to know Japanese completely and be able to just walk into a store with all those covers and walk out with 60 books I could read then + there. x(

    I mean, I kind of already do that when Bookwalker JP has a super sale.

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    I'm a fast reader and the vast majority of the LN I read are not in my native language, so I tend to skip/miss lots of details when there are descriptions. That makes illustrations important to me because they immediately give me a clear idea of what the characters looks like. Having said that, I don't start reading a book because of them, but if they catch my eye I definitely check a summary of the plot to see if it suits my tastes.

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    I'm a fast reader and the vast majority of the LN I read are not in my native language

    Even tho I am just the same, I have this huge disinterest in insert illustrations for some reason and more interest in text.