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    Heeyyy, i just found the site while searching to read the Light Novels of Hai To Gensou No Grimgal, but what i found was beyond my imagination! hundrets of LNs and mangas just for 5 euros a month.
    So i made an account and then saw the subscription part and thought ...whatever, 5 euro only!!?! kidding me? ofc i am in!... But then saw that there is only one way to pay only via card...
    And what i want to say is why no add some other ways for paying? Like senting sms with mobile, that sms has a fixed price, also dont care if it costs 1,2, even 3 more euros (we can think of it like a dissadvantange from people paying with cards)... or u can add payment via telephone/mobile call. Or another way its paypal.... When i saw no paypal i thought... reaaaallyy????....
    I mean u have done a tremendous work, so its pity for someone WANTing to participate but simply cant...
    I am waiting ur reply
    Have a nice day:)

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    Hi :3
    Just came here to say that I think that you are under the wrong impression about what this websites offer. They only translate light novels and it's not hundreds of them, if I'm not wrong they are translating 10 series at the moment.

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    @Ouranos Since it's a subscription service, it's difficult to accept paypal as we'd have to use their subscription payment API (which is a mess).

    If you can get a prepaid debit card from visa/mastercard you can use those to sign up!

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    Pmf, yeah saw after making the post :)

    Hmmm a mess u say,... is it tooooo much of a mess??... Well i wrote all this because will be difficult for me to get my hands on such a card.
    Also i think a lot of people use paypal and i think will be easier for them also, generally a second way of payment i think is always apreciated and in my case i will be super gratefull!!! :)
    So there is no way in the near future a new way for the payment to be added eh?
    Thank you for your quick answear!!

  • Hi, Can you make each account have balance that can be filled anytime and enable paypal?
    Currently with my salary i can't afford to make credit card. And I can't spend that amount constantly. But I do have occasional income that can be used to pay subscription cost every 2 or 3 month. If you can make each user have balance and thus enabling paypal payment, it'll be great!
    Regards, from Indonesia :)

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    Yeah, that also would be good, i know its an extra pain in the stomack but i think the location will outweight, in good term, the procedure :D !

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