Top 10 series you can't live without

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    If there were only 10 series you could ever experience and have to completely ignore any other series what would those 10 series be? Now here are a few thing to keep in mind

    1. For any thing you say you can experience the whole franchise. This means spin-off, side stories, merchandise, and games from the series or world the series takes place can be experienced.

    2. You can not experience things that do not have to do with any of the 10 you say, just because big bang theory references Star Wars does not mean you can watch BBT because you picked star wars. Though you can play the star wars games or read the books or comics and collect all the toys and all the posters.

    3. You are able to get anything from the 10 you pick completely free this way you can experience stuff you may not have otherwise like a lifesize figure or something else that might be expensive. Also if it is say a LN that has not been lisenced this would also mean you can still get it and read it too.

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    1. One Piece

    2-10) One Piece

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    Here is a draft of what my 10 series/franchises be. I might edit this later for a finalized version.

    1. Danmachi
    2. Overlord
    3. Shield Hero
    4. FUNA (I have a theory that FUNA series exists in a multiverse)
    5. Sword
    6. Smartphone
    7. Neptunia
    8. Spice and Wolf
    9. Monogatari series
    10. Rokujouma

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    Zero Escape
    The Simpsons

    That's all. Everything else I could take or leave in this scenario, despite enjoying them.

    I'm probably forgetting something though...

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