Isekai Yururi Kikou (Raising Children While Being an Adventurer)

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    Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~

    alt text

    Original Publisher: Alpha Polis
    Year: 2016
    Status in COO:
    155 WN Chapters (Ongoing)
    2+ Side Story (Ongoing)
    4 LN Volumes (Ongoing)
    Author: Minazuki Shizuru
    Artist: Yamakawa
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life


    I’m terribly sorry

    A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by mistake. Moreover, he can’t be reborn again. However, he is able to live in a different world? Then, let’s do that, please. The god made a mistake again and transferred me into a dangerous forest. Seriously, what’s going on? Besides, there are children here. I can’t leave them here, I will take care of them.

    Why do I want this series?

    It's a cute and funny story with likeable characters. The MC is OP and all the gods love him but I dont think its bad cuz of that since it focuses on day to day life and cutenes. There are fan translations of the web novel but would like to read the official translation of the LN.

  • It’s a nice story, and also it’s by Alpha Polis, which reminds me there are some titles they have I’d like to be translated.

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    A solid choice. I agree that J-novel should translate this light novel as there are characters that are only in the light novel. Plus, as you have said, this light novel is light hearted and fun. I actually enjoy this novel when I just want to relax plus I like isekai novels.

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    Unfortunately, the main issue with this LN is that the published is Alpha Polis 😧

  • @terabyte didn’t seven seas license a ln from Alpha Polis? I might be wrong, but if we did there is hope.

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    @hyferzftw no they did not so far no one has, they recently licensed from Micro Magazine (Reincarnated as a sword) which before only YP had access to.

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    @hyferzftw It was a manga. You can find the discussion about Alpha Polis in this other licensing topic:

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    Please J novel Club... have this title English translated! I really love this light hearted story! Also some of the characters are exclusive to the LN so if they become available as ebooks (like in google play books or in amazon kindle) I would definitely buy all the volumes!

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    @Jealyn I'd love to see this one too, but the LN has a critical issue with it

    Original Publisher: Alpha Polis

    Unfortunately there's been nothing indicating that this company has changed it's stance from when it flat out refused to meet in person to discuss licensing options. They simply do not wish to entertain the notion of international licensing of their LN products.

    It's really sad since there's a few LNs now under their label that I would love to see licensed.

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    @jpwong Anyone know why? Are they allergic to money or something?

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    @NekrozTrish It's not necessarily good money at this point, and it's potentially a lot of hassle. There are manga publishers that do the same (e.g. as I understand it, Flex Comix used to license their stuff and then at some point decided that they weren't going to do that anymore). As another example, IIRC, Sam previously tried to license some stuff from KyoAni and pretty much couldn't even get them to talk to him.

    The Japanese publishers (particularly the larger ones) certainly care more about the international market now more than they used to, but light novels in particular are not big outside of Japan, and they're written for the Japanese market. So, it would be very easy for a smaller publisher to think that it's just not worth their time to deal with licensing for international distribution. As the LN market grows in the US, that may change over time, but ultimately, most of these companies are Japanese companies producing stuff for Japan, not international companies producing stuff for international distribution.

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    @NekrozTrish As Kalessin said, they might see it as more hassle than it's worth. If you take a look through some of the discussions around this company, they don't have an international marketing division (at least they didn't 3 years ago) and they're also apparently the company that holds the Gate license. Gate's manga did not go so well, it seems like the English licensor really dropped the ball on actually doing anything with it. That could easily have soured their opinion of any future licensing of their products.

    I went and took a look at what LNs they have listed under on NU and (besides realizing that they're the licensor for something like a dozen LNs I would love to see licensed) I think Gate might be their only title that's gone on to get an anime series. They might be more adverse to dealing with all the stuff around licensing particularly because their series don't see the huge popularity other companies are when it comes to having internationally funded anime series on their titles.

  • Somehow the Manga adaptions of Alphapolis novels which are Re:Monster (Seven Seas) and New Gate (One Peace Books) were licensed by US publishers. There might be a minimal chance that it could work for their manga licenses despite the hot mess of Sekai Project with Gate.

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    That's good to know, hoping that JNC is occasionally reaching out to see if there are open to licensing. This is probably my top Alpha Polis owned want for licensing (followed by nonbiri vrmmo).

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