My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World Localization Feedback

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    Reading the ebook release of volume 1 and I'm noticing a lack of TL-notes when romanji is used. Some things I feel like should've been localized considering the sentence structure.

    For example, when the older sister is talking to Orihara, she mentioned about how she'd "be in big trouble if you ever get sent to an isekai for real." While I understand what Isekai means, it does have a pretty easily translatable form of "Other/Another World."

    So instead of using Isekai here which only more of us hardcore readers would get, it would flow better to have something like:

    "big trouble if you ever get sent to another world for real."

    With this, it is a lot smoother to read in my opinion. Just wanted to leave my feedback as a long term Light Novel reader. Off to go read another volume of whatever I had then.

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    @Aruseus493 Another one was in Grimgar, the chant they put their fists together then raise them. Ippatsu Fighto or something.

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    Not exactly sure if I should do this here or if there's another place I should go to mention spelling/grammar errors, but in the E-pub of "My sister lives in a fantasy world" there's an error on what I believe is page 1902: She pushed her way out from under the pile of ‘ and staggered to her feet,...

    The quote mark is supposed to be steel, at least I think it is, based on the previous passages.

    Anyway, just saw that while reading, and though I should point it out.

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    There's not really much to say about Fighto! Ippatsu! Any note I'd write would either be stating the obvious, or explaining things it's up to the reader to pick up on and notice.
    It's just a cry to psyche them up, which should be apparent from how it's used. The important thing about it was that they didn't understand the words, but were saying them anyways, because its something from their past world, so localizing it to something more easily understandable would have defeated that purpose, I felt.

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    @Sean-McCann Thanks. Yeah, that was just one I heard brought up outside of these boards, and then I was like "oh yeah, what did that mean". Chuuni gets translated to "middle grade syndrome" in a few works, so I know you guys are making choices when needed either way on these.

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    @Aruseus493 It's always a balancing act with how much to localize certain terms. With Isekai, we felt like in the context the character was actually using it almost like a "special terminology" and that the meaning is made clear from what she actually talks about, hence no need for a special note in that case.
    A standard translation of "another world" actually in this case doesn't work that well since she seems to consider time travel stories as part of the isekai genre!

    I guess that means Urashima Tarō would be the first Japanese isekai story?

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