Same cover sizes in a series

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    I jsut wanted to adress somethign which always bugs me. In many cases covers will have from Volume to Volume different sizes. Even tough I don't have OCD this strangely ticks me of some times if I see in my ereader the covers of a whole series and then see different sizes.

    For example lets take the Smartphone. Although I must admit that it alrready got better but if I see the v1.0 releases the height/wide of every one of them were pretty different. Now the height is set to 1400px but the wide is still different for every book. I know that you get the artwork from the japanese publisher and need to typeset it in english (or lay over the e.g. titles). But I would prefer if you would use the same layout (or more precisely size) for every book. For a print releases you also need to make an uniform layout, so why not for the digital releases. This would even make it easier for the one who makes the layout to finish a cover (or menu etc).

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