My 2 highest request from JNovel Club

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    1. Image viewer: to see images of the current volume you are read or simply see pictures of the LN you are reading without scrolling through the whole volume in search of them. Being able to see the images whenever you want in the website/app helps us remember how certain characters look, or simply enjoy the art work after reading through the story.

    2. Continue reading: Continue reading where you last left off. If you finished a volume or chapter it will suggest the next one. If you haven't it will ask if you want to continue from the place you left off in the suggestion tab instead of making me do wack a mole with every chapter to remember where I left off.

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    Hmm... Hopefully you won't mind but I will take this chance to ask something myself...
    So this a request that probably won't be helpful for the majority. But it would be really nice if you guys made it possible to select words on the app and browser. The reason for that is because I'm not English and my vocabulary is kinda bad. I started reading "The Faraway Paladin" quite recently and has a lot of words that I don't know. So every time I have to close the app, open another one to translate, write the word and then get back on J-Novel app. It starts getting a little frustrating to do all that while I'm enjoying reading.
    Plus the app of Google Translate let's you translate any word or phrase that you copy, on the phone and browser.

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    @Pmf96 I wonder how easy it would be to link into the ios or Android dictionary API like that...

    I'll admit I don't really know how that would work, but I could research it.

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