Disney+ (Disney to Launch new streaming service)

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    Soon- Disney is speculated to complete their purchase of 20th Century fox, which will make them 70% owners of HULU where some anime is currently streamed. They also plan on launching their "Disney+" service to complete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime for 'family friendly content'. I don't know what the status of Studio Ghibli /Disney films are in regard to if/when they will be streamed on either Disney+ or Hulu.

    I'm curious what's going to happen to the content that HULU licenses from Japanese media outlets (or their middlemen) and what the new competing service means for Anime in general. Disney airs several Anime properties on their current "XD" channel (Pokemon, Beyblade) and properties that blur the lines between 'western' and Anime styles (i.e. Xoalin Chronicles, maybe Kim Possible? ) or were heavily influenced by Anime (Big Hero 6 comes to mind)

    What are your thoughts?

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    Disney lost all rights to Ghibli films several years ago and now GKids owns them in the West.

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    any thoughts as to what this means (might mean) for titles that Hulu licenses from CR/Funimation (or wherever)
    any thoughts on "Western" companies and anime-esque stuff? Netflix/Dreamworks produced VOLTRON and it did well

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