Suggestion: Buying Premiums Unlocks Pre-pubs

  • Currently, you can purchase a Premium version and still not be able to read the pre-pubs for the corresponding volume. That seems pretty counter-intuitive to me. If nothing else it might encourage users to be more inclined to purchase Premiums by adding a little bit more value to the purchase.

  • ...Why would you even need the pre-pubs if you already have the premium ebook?

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    @doublemangekyo The mobile JNC app probably. I prefer just downloading the epubs and using my own app like I do wiht everything else but it could be useful to some people.
    Alternatively it would be even nicer to just be able to view the premiums in the app

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    @doublemangekyo maybe OP meant that if someone pre-orders the Premium Edition they could get access to the pre-pub parts...maybe.

    But I agree with you if someone wants the completed version they will wait for the completed version, if they want it ASAP they will get a membership.

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    You mean having a premium membership would give a permanent catchup for all serie ?

    The advantage of premium is the credit for the premium ebook, and at that price i doubt it would be interesting for JNC to give a permanent catchup or they would have to raise the price quite a lot.

    What could be interesting tho is to let premium member read all first volume, or to give new user a small number of "catchup credit" which they could use to try some serie before buying them.

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    The problem with pre-pubs is that all fixes made for the final/published epub are NOT backported. Basically pre-pubs are a degraded version of the final product. I'm not really sure having access to them would add any real value...

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    prebub not equal premium epub.

    so yeah if you have the epub why would you need the prebub? not to mention prepub are most likely not updated when the epub is published with final version of QC.

    I rarely use the JNC app tho. so i am biased with my epub reader being better than JNC web reader.

  • So the system I envision is anybody can purchase Premium editions (for an increased price over what Member pay for a Premium credit) and then have full access to the simulpub for only that issue. There are several advantages for both the reader and JNovelClub.

    As it stands right now there are some flaws in the system for readers of only one (or even a few) title(s).

    1. If you have a membership AND purchase the Premium epub you are effectively paying for the same product twice.
    2. If you choose to purchase the ebook without getting a membership you cannot participate in the simulpub "editing" process of submitting correction suggestions.
    3. If you choose to forego a membership you cannot purchase Premium Credits, which not only limits the readers access to the extra content of Premiums, but also impacts JNovelClubs profit margins (Premiums yielding much better profit margins than sales of regular editions through 3rd party vendors).

    So if a reader is only interested in a single series JNovelClub is potentially losing out on increased profit margins (in the form of Premium epub sales) and increased participation in the simulpub "editing" process. Not to mention increased adoption of the app or usage of the website (which, from an outside investment point of view, those additional user numbers would help attract investors).

    It may also serve as a gateway to interest the single book reader in possibly eventually upgrading to a full membership at a later point due to familiarity with the system, process and Premium product.

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    @jason-maranto So basically, you want non-members to be able to buy and redeem Premium credits. Moreover, it seems like you want the ability to, through "pre-ordering" a volume that's still in the pre-pub phase, get access to those pre-pubs even if you're not a member.

    It's certainly an idea, though I feel like the logistics of implementing that could be way more trouble than it's worth. Still, I guess it's an idea?

    That said, the whole "participate in the pre-pub editing process" would have to be a no-go. That is clearly a membership perk, and from a programming perspective, someone who only bought a single volume would have to somehow be only allowed into that volume's Members Only thread, which I doubt this forum software can support, or be allowed access to the entire forum, at which point what's the point of it being "members only"... Besides, not that many people actually participate in the whole editing thing; you have a few dedicated "editors" who post large lists of errors and a handful of others who post one or two errors that stand out in a casual reading. At any rate I wouldn't really focus much on that aspect.

    As a side note, I don't consider having a membership and buying a Premium epub as "paying for the same product twice"; remember that pre-pubs expire after two months, so they're really more of a limited-time preview than an actual product. You have to buy the Premium Edition if you want something that lasts more permanently. (And then you also get the opening color illustrations, premium content and offline access on top of that.)

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    I can see why people who are not premium members might want this feature and it might encourage a few individual sale. It is an interesting idea that I myself had pondered over in the past, so thanks for bringing it up for discussion.

    However, I think it is unlikely that it is something that JNC will pursue. I expect that from the point of JNC it might be seen as a lot of programming effort to do for something that removes the exclusivity of a perk for subscribing members. I think the JNC website business model is focused on encouraging people to expand their light novel horizons beyond a single series, so removing an incentive to becoming a subscribing member could be seen as a minus for JNC if it not going to bring in significant numbers ofnew premium purchasers.

    Merits of the idea aside, there could potentially be contractual difficulties in changing who has access to pre-pubs.

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    What you're asking is basically impossible because the reason there are Premium E-Books is becuase ONLY MEMBERS can buy them. The Japanese publishers won't allow the selling of e-Books with bonus content and DRM-Free to just anyone. The only reason we got to buy DRM-Free eBooks with bonus content is because it's limited to people who are members so only a few could buy them and those who do pay extra to be a member.

    If what you're saying is implemented then there will be no more Bonus content and DRM-Free eBooks since anybody can just buy them off from the site.

    In short the membership is the reason that the Japanese publishers is okay with selling DRM-Free eBooks with bonus content that is normally sold separately in Japan.

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