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    This is really a good website and I enjoy reading content several times a week however I feel that it might need some search engine optimization, so hopefully more people will become more aware of it.

    After searching for Cross Infinite website on google I noticed how bad are the rankings for legit light novel websites. Surprisingly using the "light novels" term the only legit light novel website on the first page of google was book-walker, followed in page 2 by Sol-press. The rest of the results were mainly portals providing links to free translations. I couldn't even find in the first 10 pages of my query and other big players like Yen-On where only found on page 3.
    I believe in this case, the content of the website might not be visible to the search engine. Also the homepage needs a description meta tag since google describes the website as: "Links. TopReleasesNewsSearchForumLoginRegisterMailing List. Information. About J-Novel ClubHow it worksFrequently Asked QuestionsTerms of ..." The text in the description is what you read under your page title in the google search results and is an important factor in a website getting clicked or not

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    Considering that there aren't many pages on this site that Google COULD index (membership required for most things), "Search Engine Optimizations" don't usually work.

    The only sure-fire way I've seen to get on Google's first page is to set up Adsense advertising on a page, which causes the page to be indexed pretty much every time they display an ad. But that has the disadvantage of becoming known as an "ad-driven site" (which it isn't), as well as showing ads you probably don't want to show.

    What most outfits advertising "SEO optimization" do is set about spamming other sites with links.

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    maybe if some of the "about us" text (or something similar) was on the landing page?

    If I didn't already know what I was looking for, I'd have to do some digging to determine what JNC 'is'

    for a surfer, potential customer/member, or newbie - maybe a couple of bullet points on the landing page?

    JNC is :

    • A publisher specializing in officially licensed Japanese popular literature translated into English

    • A community of fans of Japanese light novels and manga

    • A media company that produces books and e-books, and sells exclusive versions of digital media to its members

    JNC is not:

    • A site hosting scanilations, fan translations, fan-fiction, torrents or any other unofficial/unlicensed content

    • A retail outlet of books or e-books (other than premium versions of e-books to it's members)

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    My hope is that JNC get more prominence, it has really good content more people should be more aware of this company and check it out.

    @SomeOldGuy Yes pages inside restricted areas are totally unreachable by web crawlers, but this is not the issue that I encountered, the issue was after seeing the description of JNC on google I thought to check the source code of the home page. I noticed the following:

    • The homepage was buried under ajax, google might not be able to read any of it

    • The heading tags were not used to create hierarchy, no h1 .. h6 in the entire homepage

    • Only the logo had the ALT attribute setup. and only one element had the title attribute

    • the description and keywords meta information is missing

    On the positive side that helps getting a good search engine ranking

    • it has clear urls

    • it has fresh content every day.

    • the code was minified and contained inline SVG faster less connections required to view the page.

    That said in google ranking are users clicks, and inbound links count a lot. Having a good description under your search result is important to entice users to click on your link, slowly this could improve your ranking on it own.

    @Jon-Mitchell they can also add that about us 'text' to the description meta tag inside the head section of the webpage. Google uses that text in the search results if available.

    Today I also went on reddit checking for info on vol 7 of Rokka Braves of Six Flowers, and I happen to stumble on several threads for of people requesting links to download the volumes for free, that was a big motivator in trying to increase awareness of legit options in the hope more people will support this market.

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