So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 5 Discussion

  • So this volume answered so many of my questions and speculation I had. Btw I binge read the whole volume in the course of 6 hours not including breaks.
    So for now I’ll wait until people catch up on reading for further discussions/speculation at what might happen next.

  • My copy only arrived in the mail today, can't wait to start it, but probably won't read it till the weekend at least since all the YP books came at once...

  • I read it overnight since today is my day off. Got mine of googleplay tho. It kinda bugged out too since it said all the pages were (null) and it skipped to the afterwords everytime I either closed/minimized the googleplay app on my iPad. I managed to find a way around the bug so was able to read it although it was a bit annoying since it kept resetting the pages to either the beginning or end.

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    Same i read it over the course of the night from 0:00 exactly ^^

    It was great and it deviate a lot from the WN so it keep being interesting. I'm happy we get to see Kumoko as an arachne for more than a few chapter cause in the WN it was rushed and it will mean more challenges for the Kumoko.
    The part after the eggs thing tho, was way shorter than in the WN wich is kind of sad since it was an interesting part and like said in the after word we didn't see Ronandtl because it was cut.
    But the most interesting part is likely the situation with the parallel mind, it was only vaguely brought up on the WN so it's really cool to get some real devloppement there.

    The only real issue is yen press terrible release scheddule, i don't want to wait 4 months :'(

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    I haven't read any other translations of the material, so this one was very exciting. So many reveals, finally. Curious to see if it continues with the split time frame, or if it only continues with the later one. Also curious what exactly Taboo lv. 10 imparts on the user.

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    Going to start reading it now; so glad that the previous volume diverged so much from the WN offering so much new content.

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    Mind Blown.

  • I just finished downloading my digital copy. I'll read it tomorrow morning.

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    Awww. My copy will not arrive before tuesday next week. Must ... not ... buy digital ... now. :D

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  • Finished reading my copy last night. Now to wait til July for the next volume. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the Elven Forest War scenario in particular.

  • Wow, it deviated quite a bit from the WN. And poor Ronandt-shi got shafted lol.

    And damn, I hate Potimas so much. He's even more insufferable than in the WN. Great job author.

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    And here I was thinking of taking a quick look at the WN since it's gonna be 4 months before the next volume. But if the story has already deviated a lot from it I better not then...

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    @paulnamida I find Potimas way better in the LN, in the WN he fall kind of flat being hype up a lot then defeat very easily.
    Like the cyborg near the end, in the WN the same kind cyborg was deal with by Vamp Girl in no time while here we can feel a sense of dread from it.

    @Terabyte If you don't want to wait the WN is still good, what we see in Shun chapter near the end of that vol are the same event which chronologicaly happend near the very end of the WN and it's similar in both WN and LN meaning the LN will change the way some event happend but overall still reach the same conclusion.

  • 4 months of waiting again, huh? Oh Yen Press. Get with the times already. JNC and Seven Seas will leave you in the dust at this rate.

    Anyway, I have avoided the WNs completely but in my misguided curiosity I spoiled for myself the fact that

    which isn't addressed in this volume just yet. Either way though, this volume helps clear up some things about the timeline of events but volumes 4 months apart make it hard to remember stuff. I'll probably back read soon.

    So the Nightmare's Vestiges are the hatchlings with the warped Parallel Minds, yeah? Also, the elves are super sketchy. Shun and pals are on the wrong side.

  • @paulnamida said in So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 5 Discussion:

    Wow, it deviated quite a bit from the WN. And poor Ronandt-shi got shafted lol.

    The author mentioned they would be adding him into volume 6 in the afterword, he said "probably." So if that holds any weight it might happen.

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    @cosm1cfall About the Nightmare Vestiges, Possibly but only in the LN the parallel minds went independent. In the WN the parallel minds merged back with Kumoko and she had control over her offspring's. She never had issues with her parallel minds other than like she is bickering with herself.

    Kumoko Identity and Kumoko Strength

    @Terabyte I agree with @Raitoiro, thou their is no guarantee that the Elf Battle will conclude as in the LN it more than likely that it will lead to a somewhat similar point.

    Even thou the author said in the afterwards that volumes 4 and 5 are mostly new content they still are somewhat following the general storyline but adding new characters and circumstances.

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    @renofury That revelation isn't supposed to be revealed until MUCH later in the story.

    In any case, I quite like a lot of the differences between the WN and LN, except perhaps one little aspect, about how

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