Do you consider visual novels"books"?

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    I know visual novels medium wise are created and delivered digitally or physically from video game distributors, but do you consider reading one as counting the same as reading a novel or light novel? If one were listing their favorite books of the year and included a visual novel, would they be wrong?

    Just something I was thinking of with my book challenge this year (I want to read 125, which should be doable counting manga, but reading a visual novel will do nothing for that sadly without a listing on Goodreads; maybe I'll ask the librarians on there about it).

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    I would consider it to be a medium of its own. Not all stories are books. TV and movies are their own mediums, and games too.

    I keep track of my visual novels on It won't count towards your Goodreads goal, but it's a nice site for cataloging your completed, backlogged and currently playing games and VNs, and you can create one custom tab, which I use for visual novels.

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