Is there a text to speech functionality for the release?

  • Hey everyone, I am super excited for the upcoming full metal panic and amagi brilliant park releases.
    I really get a ton of use out of text to speech functionality whenever I get a book digitally. I was wondering if there was a way to use that functionality for these releases.

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    @tanteiokuoku How do you normally read digital books?

    If you're using an ereader of some sort, or the Kindle app, you should be able to buy the premium epub from here, copy it to your device/app, and it'll work like any other book.

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    I use text to speech on all kinds of readers with my iPhone, I can even use it on the JNC app for prepubs (though it was a lot easier to use when the beta version was still out and not expired). If you need help using text to speech and you use iOS, I can offer assistance. Don;t know how to do it on Android, though.

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    Depends on where you read them. If you're buying the individual books here, you can add them to Google Play's reader which has native text to speech support. There's other apps that support EPubs too.

    If you're planning to subscribe here, you can listen to any part text to speech on an Android by using the "Select to Speak" button (after turning that function on in settings).

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    If you want to read on a Windows PC, a screen reader like NVDA or JAWS might work.

    Let us know what you want to read (epub or the web pre-publication parts) and what you want to read it on.

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