time of day that pre-pubs get released

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    ok - I know that this is a completely selfish request. It seems that many releases occur at 11pm GMT (or 7pm eastern/6pm central) which is right when my evening commute is ending. I'd love to be able to have these to read on the train. Also, the day of the week that parts get released is pretty 'clumpy'. Maybe lots on a Thursday and none on a Wednesday (or whatever). I know that there must be business reasons to release the parts when you do - but an hour earlier would be a great

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    this week and next, lots of releases on Tuesday and Wednesday, none or almost none on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    I know, I am complaining about something minor, and if I applied some self discipline and read what was previously released on days when nothing new came out, I'd always have stuff to read...I guess that I've been spoiled in the past when two or three new parts seemed to always be in the cue when I wanted to read them on the commute. I don't know if I'm reading faster or if there are more series that I am not reading? (I gave up on Little Apocalypse, and for whatever reason, I'm not in the right mindset to read Grimgar on the train...)

    so my wish, five or six releases every day, half before 5pm central time (the other half I can read the next morning)


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    It was mentioned long long ago that JNC works its releases in such a way that the people who have to upload also get a break and not have to worry about 7 days of uploads.

    Back then Tuesday and Wednesday saw little to no releases.

    Personally I prefer these week day releases with no weekend releases, because that leaves me to do other things over the weekend rather then stopping to read a new part.

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    I do miss the weekend releases, since I don't really have much to do those days.

    Still, I just read whatever is available, whenever I'm free.

    That said, the fact that you can't "favorite" series means that you are not necessarily aware of what you're missing unless you do some effort and hopefully not miss anything.

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    Well, I feel you, there is the urge to read everything right away. But well, just save it for the next day or for when you have time. No matter when they release, there will be days that you have nothing to read.

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    Well I save them just like the wind goddess in Cooking Wild life

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