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    For the website, would it be possible to add a feature which allows users to have a wishlist of the novels they want? Additionally, can it also show what books in the series has not yet been purchased yet? It would definitely also be a plus if you can add a setting to have an email be sent out once a new volume of a series in the wish list becomes available.

  • that would be amazing I have a few books in mind for the wishlist already.

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    I second this. Maybe being able to wishlist series would be nice as well.

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    Yeah it would definitly be use full, adding the fonction to by book in bulk be it the whole wish or a while serie would also be great.

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    How does J-novel club decide which titles to pick up?, I would also love to see this features added, knowing when a new volume of a series you have previously bought or that you are following comes out would be great.

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    @fross said in Feature Request (Website): Wishlist:

    How does J-novel club decide which titles to pick up?

    Short answer: If they have access to it and think it will be successful (make money one way or another) they will license it.

    That is the extremely short answer, they are definitely other reasons why certain titles have and will be picked up.

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    Are you advocating for a wishlist for current JNC titles that you want to buy later or a wishlist for titles for JNC to pick up?

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    @yumenokage Both would be useful.

    I was going to request a feature where I could * a series or volume.

    I want to spend some credits right now on a new series but not sure which. In weeks past, I had been interested in a few different titles but I don't remember which those were at the moment. If I had been able to star or watch a series or volume, I could just go to that list right now and pick something.

    Voting for which series we would like to see licensed could/should be a separate feature. "Notify me when this series becomes available" or something similar.

    It could even integrate with an external site? Not sure what the go to place for LN and Manga is, but if a relationship could be built with that site to integrate with a J-novel account that would be even better.

    As can be seen by my posts today, I see a LOT of growth potential for JNC.

  • Wishlisting interesting titles I'd like to read in the future was the first thing I tried to do as soon as I registered here (which was just a couple of minutes ago). I'm surprised to discover this isn't already available as a feature.

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  • @sinnoaria Oh, I was just referring to the "list" part of the proposal. Similar to how you put an anime into your "Plan to Watch" list, you could put some novel into your "Plan to Read" list here. I think I didn't read the whole proposal carefully enough, so my apologies.

    About this feature I mentioned, I supposed one could also keep track of his planned-to-read series through browser bookmarks, but there are some advantages to having it here (e.g. being warned when there's some promotion or related work to one of series you're planning to read).

    I agree it isn't really important. It's just something I expected to have here because other sites I've seen have it too.

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