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    I saw that the premium edition of one of the volumes of Unwanted Undead has a glossary as a bonus item. I think that the idea of a glossary, or definitions of LN/Japanese terminology has come up before. I'd like to see a wiki or index or something- either on the website or as links within prepubs of these. I think the wiki could also have articles that contribute to the background of stories. Information on locales, aspects of Japanese culture, etc. that contribute to plots of stories. A repository of relevant editor/translator notes, recipes of foods that are relevant (and what some of the ingredients are)

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    This would be a nice reference to have even if making it publicly available could reduce the value of some premium editions.

    However, it might be even better to find some existing English-language wiki that could be expanded to include the LN material, and link to that instead of reinventing the wheel. (I have no idea whether such a wiki exists.)

    Who knows, other publishers might even be willing to participate in creating one big wiki instead of many little ones.

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    I know I'm replying to my own post...but I thought that if JNC isn't going to do a wiki...maybe a comment thread with links would be a good idea?

    on the smartphone thread a link to a character guide was posted

    maybe other links that members find useful could be added?

    I'd still like to see a wiki/glossary etc. for JNC. Maybe put it behind the paywall? A members only benefit/value add?

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    @jon-mitchell I don't think JNC has enough manpower right now to make a wiki where they have to dive into every title and dig out everything. Something like that can only be built with effort from the community, and in that case I wonder if it should be put behind a paywall.

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    @jon-mitchell There are already a couple of JNC-related pages on Wikipedia, with links to other pages for a lot of the titles. Unfortunately, most of the existing linked pages are for titles that have anime adaptations. Still, there really isn't any need to "reinvent the wheel" as most of the pages that exist on Wikipedia also exist on FANDOM in greater detail, but I tend to avoid FANDOM for personal reasons. (PM me if you have to know.)

  • @paul-nebeling said in wiki:

    (PM me if you have to know.)

    Because it's crap? They force you to only use 50% of the screen, flood the pages with ads and videos, don't allow much customization, and shamelessly monetize off content generated by volunteers and free users without even considering giving any back to those users.

    If anyone wants to create an unofficial JNC-focused wiki, that would probably achieve what you wanted faster than JNC doing an official one.

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    @myskaros Hadn't even considered most of the points you mentioned, but I'm all for using the existing Wikipedia framework instead of building a new one (or relying on FANDOM). Downside to that is Wikipedia editors are all volunteers and there's no ownership of the pages. Upside is there are lots of people that can work on the pages and a neutral POV is maintained.

  • @paul-nebeling I don't think you can use Wikipedia since it's more for general knowledge. The best option would be for someone with a private server to host a MediaWiki then build it from the ground up.

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    @myskaros while detailed pages are one thing (although I have seen fairly lengthy ones for more prominent, long manga series such as Fairy Tail), it would be nice to have at least some short pages on Wikipedia for each JNC series. Last time I checked a number of even the somewhat longer ongoing ones such as Archdemon's dilemma didn't have even a stub.

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    yea, now I'm just thinking of a forum thread full of links: i.e the wikipedia pages that exist for JNC series, the character sheets for smartphone mentioned above, if anyone knows of general pop-cultural/otaku terms lookup tool, relevant pages on tv-tropes, that sort of thing

    links w/ embedded description could be gathered as a sticky/ top couple of posts

    then no one has do do any coding - just let everybody know if they find something useful (and a link)

  • @yumenokage Ah, that's a good point.