Scoop Musou: "Scoop Hadouhou!" (`・ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д゜ ;;) .:∴ドゴォォ

  • Synopsis : Alan is the strongest miner on earth.
    Digging for 100 years, a lightning came out of the shovel.
    In 1000 years the lightning evolved to become a wave canyon. I was surprised and shot.
    One day, Alan rescued princess Leticia from some bandits.
    When I eliminated the bandits with the wave canyon, the princess asked me to escort her.
    "I'll do anything" I said.

    A fantasy adventure in a world of sword and magic with a simple shovel
    alt text
    Publisher : MF Bunko J ( Media Factory)
    Status : Ongoing (2 volumes)
    Manga : Confirmed without a date
    Genre : Comedy/Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Superpower/Ecchi

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    He protect a princess, so in a way he is a shovel knight lol
    well he is still lacking the beautifull blu horned armor tho.

  • Art by Hagure Yuuki (WIREFRAME) and a ridiculous setup?? Sounds great xD. So, his shovel evolved into a wave motion cannon after digging for 1000 years?? How did he even survive that long??

  • I've heard a lot about this one and I'd love to see this one get licensed. Mostly because I want to see what someone would do to localise the title. And I love light novels with wierd premises.

  • from what i heard with WN pace LN will be releasing every 3 months

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