Selfish Suggestion: Gift option

  • So this is kind of a selfish suggestion from me since I doubt too many people would benefit from this, but...

    Would it be feasible to add a Gift option to the site so that we can buy premium books for people? And possibly even gift credits directly?

    I'm sure that gifting membership is a more desirable option for some, but sometimes I just want to gift people books.

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    I was thinking about this recently too and actually went to search for posts about it this morning. I'm home for the summer and was thinking of suggesting volume 1 of Ascendance of a Bookworm for our bookclub, but the physicals won't be out in time before I leave again. I can imagine other situations where I might want to gift credits as well.

    While it might take a little work to set up, I imagine it could be beneficial for JNC as well for added exposure. You could have it set up with an emailed redemption code, like with an Amazon giftcard, and when it is redeemed they are encouraged to set up a free account to keep track of their books (versus a one-off download) and given a small blurb about what JNC is and that there are paid monthly memberships to follow series as they are translated that they can upgrade to later.

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    I like it

    JNC could even hand out physical version of this on a card/printout at cons - What a great way to promote !

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    oo, yeah. That way they could reach more customers (the people who won't buy physical) and possibly have to carry less stock around if some of the people who would have bought physicals decide to buy ebooks instead. Also probably a greater chance of having them take a serious look at the site and membership that way.

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    I know you can lend Kindle books to friends and family, but that's certainly not the same thing. Would be an interesting addition. Would help with giveaways.

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    Yes, agreed. Gift options would be very nice to have.

    Wanted to gift a year's premium membership to a friend of mine, but ended up having to just gift him the money so he could buy it himself.

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