Realist Maou Niyoru Seiiki Naki Isekai Kaikaku (The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King) - Possible Successor of Realist Hero?

  • Synopsis : In a dilapidated castle, Astaroth awoke as a Demon King.
    With his ‘wisdom from his past life,’ he would rule over his lands as a thorough ‘realist.’

    “Demon King, why are you attacking the level 1 Heroes?”
    “Defeat them before they become stronger. That is called strategy.”

    “Demon King, why are you sending fake money to the enemy country?”
    “To bring chaos to their economy so they will self-destruct.”

    “The werewolf troops have attacked. Should we use silver bullets?”
    “Not bullets, shoot them with canons.”

    And like that, Astaroth ‘reformed’ the old tendencies.
    He became a lord who was loved by the people and his subordinates, and he would go on to be called the most powerful Demon King in history.
    alt text
    Publisher : DENGEKI (ASCII Media Works)
    Status : Ongoing (2 volumes/started in January 2019)
    Genre : Action,Fantasy,Drama
    Manga : Yes

  • THis month manga got scanlated so you can check out 1st chapter!alt text

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    Strangely I get the feeling it is from the author of Dungeon Defense. How often did he cancel the LN just to restart it differently? 2-3 times?

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    Just read some of the scanlated manga. It feels super rushed. Also I can definitely agree on it feeling a bit like Dungeon Defense. At least in initial setting although the entire feeling of them are different. I should go re-read the translated volumes of Dungeon Defense...

    But yea, I'd be interested in the LN for this.

    Updated the LNDB and found the official JP site. The actual publishing label is Dengeki Bunko apparently. Don't know why Amazon just lists it as Dengeki.

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