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    @raitoiro Bakarina had really boring 2nd and 3rd volumes, but picks up the pace in volume 4 (especially if you like Keith)

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    I have a bad habit of reading 1 volumes of something, and then starting another series - never to complete the first one.

    I'm planning on continuing reading all the series I've started (except Welcome to Japan (yawn) and maybe not Wortenia), but I'm trying to focus on Arifureta, Isekai Mahou and Isekai Smartphone.

    Own digitally

    • Arifureta Vol. 2
    • Isekai Smartphone Vol. 3 (not read)
    • Echo
    • Last and First Idol
    • Isekai Mahou Vol. 2 (not read)
    • Little Apocalypse Vol. 1 (not read)
    • Beast Head Vol. 1 (not read)
    • Kokoro Connect Vol. 1 (not read)

    Own in physical form

    • Grimgar Vol. 1-2 (not read)
    • Occultic;Nine Vol. 1-2 (not read)

    Read as a pre-pub/catch-up

    • JK Haru
    • Arifureta Vol. 1
    • Isekai Smartphone Vol. 1-2
    • Bluesteel Vol. 1
    • Ao Oni Vol. 1-5
    • Bakarina Vol. 1-3
    • Potion Loli Vol. 1-2
    • Welcome to Japan Vol. 1
    • Bookworm Vol. 1
    • Infinite Stratos Vol. 1
    • Outbreak Company Vol. 1

    Currently publishing

    • Bakarina Vol. 4
    • Potion Loli Vol. 3
    • Wortenia Vol. 1
    • Side-by-Side Dreamers
    • Yuri Vampire

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    @lixaxy Unfortunately I really don’t like Keith, but I'm probably giving Bakarina a second chance next time it’s on catch up.
    I mostly hope the MC become less stupid it was cute in vol1 now it's infuriating, and more importantly does vol4 stop doing multiple POV on every single event ?

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    @raitoiro It does continue with the multiple POV thing, but has now started making use of it in a better way, so you actually have an idea what's going on. It also starts giving you the perspective of people not in Katarina's party, making the story more living and less linear.

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    Time to fire up Moon+ Reader Pro...

    All titles are Premium editions unless otherwise noted.

    As of 1 Jun 2019:

    • [New Life+] 1-3 (Suspended-Still hoping for more)
    • Demon King Daimaou 1 (Ongoing)
    • From Truant to Anime Screenwriter (single volume)
    • Realist Hero 1-8 (Ongoing)
    • For My Daughter 1-8 (Final volume being translated)
    • Smartphone 1-14 (Ongoing) + 1-4 from Amazon
    • Infinite Dendrogram 1 (Ongoing)
    • Rokujouma 1-21 including the .5’s (Ongoing)

    Saving my pennies for the Rokujouma 23-30 dump to come soon. The single volumes of Daimaou and Dendrogram were purchased in the days before catch-up months.

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