Grimgar of fantasy and ash printed version

  • Will there ever be one? I don't see why it shouldn't . Could boost up sales aswell

  • @StarixCrown I believe this was answered previously but the general answer seems to be that there "might" be a chance of a physical release.

    Personally I think Grimgar would do fine with a physical printing, but we don't know for sure yet. Then the issue of actually handling all the logistics is still up in the air as well.

  • I am not a business manager or anything so I don't know for sure how this works but why don't they put up a preorder option for a printed version and based on how big is the demand they actually print it

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    @StarixCrown Theoretically if they did put up a pre-order option, based on if there are enough per-orders up on their site, and not enough people bought it, then they decided not to print it. The people who were really looking forward to it will be enraged.

    Especially hardcore collectors.

    For a new company to pull the plug on a project early would make them lose face, and people may be turned off, thus not support the site anymore in fear of what they may pull in the future.

    They could always do a Kickstarter and see if there is a lot of buzz surrounding a print version of them book.

    That way there is no harm no foul regarding whether it succeeds of not, however a properly managed Kickstarter is a rare thing these days.

    Lastly for what it is worth I too am holding out hope for print copies off all their titles. Right now I think of the Subscription as an investment, for them to raise capital and try new projects.


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    @Rahul-Balaggan Kickstarter for a series that is "ongoing" would be very difficult, as you might expect. Would we only kickstart just a print edition of just volume 1? People would demand we guarantee print editions of all volumes, but the number of volumes it could end up being is unknown!

    Kickstarter works best for finished series or things that are known, single quantities like 1 game or 1 finite manga series.

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    @Sam-Pinansky I agree, the Kickstarter suggestion was actually me being selfish. I want the physical book, I really do.

    However I also really want merchandise related to the series that I read.

    It's annoyingly difficult to get them here in the states, so I always look forward to kickstarters as a way to get merchandise.

    On that note if and when you guys decide to do the print volumes, if there was a limited edition set also where we get something trivial like bookmarks or something then I would be all over that.

    (I said bookmark like it's just a passing thought, but bookmarks are my favorite merchandise.)

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    @Rahul-Balaggan If we get a little bit more breathing room in our budget I could see us printing up some bookmarks for people! Maybe as promotional tie-ins or giveaways in convention goodie bags, that sort of thing. Bookmarks are relatively cheap to make.

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    I want the heroine goods! Especially Yume and Mari! Dakimakuras figurines etc. :(
    Not enough goodies for them!
    Maybe even a physical blu-ray box collection of the anime with those box covers they were giving away for people who ordered all of them!
    Just look at these boxes you get for buying all the blu-ray disk from 1 vendor! I want them!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    I actually have this one above! Cost me 700+ usd so couldn't get them all sadly
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Also Yume Dakimakura!
    alt text

    Mari wall scroll!
    alt text

    Totally do-able for a physical print kickstarter with these as addon rewards! Please do it and I'll even be your PR person for kickstarter!

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    @Bryan You realize that the anime merchandise is not connected to the novel, right?
    Theoretically like, Overlap could pay the anime production committee for access to this art and make their own goods, but usually the novel illustrations/character designs are kept separate from the anime ones!

    You should ask funimation for a special edition release with these types of goods!

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    @Sam-Pinansky So there's no way to get the products from both sides through relationship with the Light Novel publisher/author for a kickstarter? Because I was kinda hoping for 1 kickstarter for the printed LN and another for the English BluRay Release of the anime with these goodies.

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    @Bryan the rights holders are basically two different entities. I'm sure overlap is some percentage of the anime committee but it would be extremely unlikely for them to have a controlling stake and they surely don't have overseas rights.

    That's one of the reasons you'll see later ova episodes come bundled with a volume of manga or ln: those ovas are usually funded mostly by the publisher themselves and so they can tie up the products like that. But most publishers can't afford to bank roll an entire season of anime themselves, that money usually comes from the bluray distributor like an aniplex or a bandai.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Would you be able to license their products from them for kickstarter? If those rewards were in stretch goals to pay for the license it's doable no?
    Like once stretch goals are reached we are able to add those items as add-on's
    Would be really enticing for us Grimgar fans to get those goodies and would motivate us to pledge more.

  • @Sam-Pinansky I actually have a question too. If the grimgar novels will ever be printed how much more expensive will they be than an usual western novel?

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    @StarixCrown I imagine it'd be around the same as other publishers, some $10~15 per volume.
    J-Novel does sell the cheapest (I think) ebook for LNs but I think they can do that because they get a good chunk from the subscriptions (which is their main point).

  • @Bryan ah that brings back memories... I really miss the anime, one of my favorite. I also like those pics you have there ;>

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