The Wicked Noblewoman's Leisurely Prison Life

  • Title: Konyakuhaki Kara Hajimeru Akuyaku Reijou no Kangoku Slow Life
    Japanese: 婚約破棄から始まる悪役令嬢の監獄スローライフ
    Translated title: Engagement Broken, the Villainess Began a Slow Life in Prison


    Publisher: Enterbrain/Kadokawa
    Books published: 2 (Complete)
    Manga adaptation?: Yes
    Anime adaptation?: No

    Synopsis: Rachel, a duke's daughter engaged to Prince Elliott, is falsely accused of harassing the prince's new crush, Margaret, and called out at a party. When she refuses to apologize, the prince orders her to be locked in prison. However...

    "I can finally take a vacation from all those dreadful queenship lessons!"

    Checking up on the prisoner, Prince Elliott finds Rachel lounging around in a bafflingly well-furnished cell, complete with a luxurious bed, lamps, a tea set, books, crates and crates of preserved food... She even installed a stronger lock and chain, so they can't even drag her out.

    "This isn't how a prisoner should act! She should be both contrite and miserable!"

    To their despair, no matter how hard they try, the prince and his retinue are foiled in their efforts to punish her at every turn by Rachel's sharp mind and prescient planning, and it becomes less and less clear who's really being punished...

    My spiel: No isekai, no reincarnation, no magic, no "this is actually an otome game!," just a silly story about a bunch of silly people in a thoroughly silly situation. Of course, the main draw of the series is all the vignettes about Rachel doing something ridiculous and getting a rise out of Elliott or his friends, or Elliott trying to "punish" Rachel and getting thoroughly outwitted by her. However, the author draws out the setting brilliantly, peeling back character layers as the story progresses that allow for more and more hilarity as information gets added in order to inform future jokes and slapstick.

    The star is obviously Rachel, the quiet, reserved fiancée who turns out to be far more sinister than anyone could imagine, but the baron's daughter Margaret is also revealed to be a simpleminded jock who's hard to hate, especially since the idiotic Elliott is always around to dunk on. Just a kind of silly but clever story where everyone's a little to a lot crazy and we get to laugh at their antics.

    The manga adaptation recently began, that's why this series might be a bit more in the spotlight at the current moment.

    Random thought: It's funny how pretty much all the adults refuse to stick their necks out for either side of the dispute. They see Rachel as clearly both mental and not really unhappy where she is, and they're all counting on the king to come put Elliott in his place when he gets back from his trip. Little do they know that someone purposely delayed his return...


    "Rachel, I told you, no deliveries."
    "There was no delivery."
    "Then what do you call this?"
    "This is completely different... it's catering."
    "IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!! Guard, what are you doing?!"
    "Checking for poison... this is all clear!"
    "She bought you with a piece of meat?!"
    "No, he is not someone who would be swayed just by one steak... that's why I offered him a full course."

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    A short series at only two volumes, seems like a perfect thing from a licensing standpoint :) The manga is a gas (ED: humorous) too, highly recommended.

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    I actually checked the manga earlier and I had a good laugh. The series being short and already complete is a plus. You've got another vote!

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    I checked out the manga adaptation a few days ago and loved the chapters. It's pretty hilarious and fun. I was gonna post it myself later so this saves me a lot of trouble. You've got my vote.

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    looks promising. Take my upvote.

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    have to say, the adult's(specifically her family's) reaction to her imprisonment is just plain hilarious, given that comments on the manga said that ch1 was essentially around ch1-3 of its wn counterpart, id definitely love to see just how crazy things would get if it continued,
    and it being a 2 vol series means that it would be less a risk of a gag just dragging on for no reason so it could possibly even have a satisfying ending.