i simply do not understand premium membership

  • It's embarassing, isn't it ?

    Well... i buy an absurd amount of light novel and a lot of them are from j-novel.
    I read exclusively on my kindle paper.
    downloading from the website, converting to mobi and uploading to kindle... meh. don't wanna.

    However, if i can save good money i may consider it.
    It doesn't seems like i can pay $10-ish a month and read whatever i want for free. Sound to good to be true, right ?

    It seems i can get 1 novel for free per month and buy ebook for slightly cheaper than on amazon ? is that it ?

    I see there are other benefits like prepublication and bonus but, no thx, i'll pass on that. I just want to know if i can save a bit of money (not interested, downloading/converting/uploading is a pain) or a lot of money (interested). Thanks =^_^=

    PS : I know it's a niche market so i can understand but, wow, LN sure are expensives. (compared to regular litterature, at least in france, with a government regulated fixed price (no price competition on book)). Well, i buy them anyway, but i wouldn't mind saving some.


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    With the premium membership, you get 1 premium credit a month (which is paid as part of the monthly fee) and can buy more credits at a reduced price. Premium e-books have bonuses such as exclusive short stories or bonus/textless artwork. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, then yes, you probably will not find much value in the premium membership.

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    here is a list of what book has what type of premium content.


    Also the rate to buy additional credits if you are a premium member is $6 per credit.

    If you were a regular member and not a premium member you would not receive the monthly credit (given out around the 15th of every month) and you would pay for credits at a rate of $7 per credit.

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    If you don't care about the prepubs, the possibility for savings with a premium membership can come in if you buy credits/books in bulk. If you pay 10 dollars for one month (getting 1 or 2 "free" credits from that), then buy a bunch of credits at the reduced price, and then you can cancel your membership and keep the credits/books you bought.

    I'll note that it is much simpler to spend the credits while you have an active subscription, but it's possible to spend them without a subscription if you do some navigating directly by URL.

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    Prepubs aside (I think it is one of the best features, but opinions vary)

    for $120(USD)/ year you get a dozen credits towards JNC ebooks of your choice- is this a good value
    if all you care about is the cost of ebooks / with the least amount of steps/hassle? The answer might be 'no'

    I don't know how much a kindle title costs where you live, in the USA JNC titles are usually $7-8 on amazon, so unless you jump thru some hoops, it's cheaper to buy on amazon (if you are in a country where the titles cost the equivalent of $10.00 or more on amazon...well your mileage may vary)

    pretty straight forward, no?

  • Going by this:
    VAT for Kindle books in France is 5.5% (I'm assuming you live in France).

    If my calculations are correct (1 kindle ebook costing around $7.37) then:

    (Monthly premium membership + 3 premium credits) < 4 Kindle books
    ($28.95 < $29.48)

    The more ebooks you buy, the bigger the gap becomes.
    For example, to get 12 ebooks it would be: $76.95 (JNC) vs $88.44 (kindle)

    So it's definitely more cost-effective to buy directly from JNC.

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    It can be, if you buy 48+ ebooks a year. That’s a big commitment

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    @jon-mitchell It's all a matter of how many JNC series do you like and how many volumes there are. I currently have 110 ebooks from Jnovel and will be buying another 32 (at time of writing) by the end of year. That doesnt even count any of the new series, dont know of they stay interesting enough to continue.

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    of course, do what works for you
    the benefits of the membership (in my opinion) are the access to prepubs, and the 'extras' that come with premium ebooks

    you have to buy A LOT per year (around 50) for there to be a purely financial benefit (if all ebooks are purchased)

    I look at it this way however: there are a bunch of series that I follow in pre-pubs alone (I don't buy the ebooks at all, unless the premium extras are really compelling, or I just HAVE to get a volume that isn't on catchup this month)

    I get far more content than would be in two or three ebooks every month- so I am saving at least 30-35% over purchases of ebooks every month

    again, the way I consume isn't for everyone. I like the installment nature of pre-pubs. I like that there is something new in my feed nearly every day. I like that the quantity of new daily content is just about the right amount for two hours of reading enjoyment (which happens to be just about the time I am stuck on a train everyday)

    to me the "cost" of membership is $3.00 (US) a month. $10/month (when paid annually) minus the credit towards a ebook is worth $7 (approx the cost on the kindle store) yields a 'net' cost of $3

    for 3 bucks I get two or three (or more) volumes worth every month in the pre-pubs I follow- to me it's a 'no-brainer'

    but if serial installments of your LN's don't work for your tastes...the 'value' of a premium membership is a tough sell

  • @jon-mitchell said in i simply do not understand premium membership:

    you have to buy A LOT per year (around 50) for there to be a purely financial benefit (if all ebooks are purchased)

    Not really. Even without VAT, buying around 10 JNC premium ebooks per year is saving money. Assuming, of course, the user only cares about getting the premium epubs.

    If we go with one JNC kindle book = $6.99, then:
    1 monthly premium + 4 credits = 5 kindle books
    10.95 + 6x4 = 6.99x5 = $34.95

    So as long you're buying more than 5 ebooks, you'll save money.

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    @doublemangekyo said in i simply do not understand premium membership:

    So as long you're buying more than 5 ebooks, you'll save money.

    Just to add, this is assuming you pay for 1 month of premium, buy a bunch of credits, then cancel the subscription. You can still buy premium e-books without the membership, just takes a bit of a detour.

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    we're on the same page - I look at membership annually/ongoing

    purchase 4 credits/month x12 months = 36 + the 12 included = 48 (around 50)
    (I'm arguing not to jump through hoops etc, keeping it simple)

    from a purely financial benefit POV, annual membership isn't a money saver unless you buy around 50 ebooks/year

    that IS a benefit to some (In my opinion, reading the prepubs I care about every month is worth more than the $3 (+/-) delta in a ebook single purchase per month and the cost of membership per month- and a bigger benefit, but your mileage may vary)

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    @jon-mitchell I attribute some of the cost to the early access and the "entertainment" value of "reviewing" the pre-publish versions.

  • @jon-mitchell

    from a purely financial benefit POV, annual membership isn't a money saver unless you buy around 50 ebooks/year

    Incorrect. From an ebook-purchasing POV, ignoring whatever value one would assign to pre-pubs, it's still better to get a month's worth of premium, binge buy credits, and cancel the membership.
    If we assume the goal is to get 48 credits in one year the math would be:

    Yearly Premium: 120 + 36×6 = $336
    Monthly Premium: 10.95 + 47×6 = $292.95

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    I think we're talking past eachother

    the original post/ thread starter - looking at financial benefit of being a premium member vs buying ebooks on amazon

    I pointed out that the savings don't become significant until/unless you buy approx 48 ebooks a year - if you buy that many, then from a purely dollar and cents POV membership 'pays for itself' in savings vs buying from amazon (worth converting/uploading to amazon so you can read on kindle device? opinions vary)

    yes - annual vs monthly saves $$, all of my assumptions based upon annual/ongoing membership

  • Thank you all for the answers <3
    I'll postpone my subscription for another time.

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