My Friend's Little Sister Is Only Annoying to Me (Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai)

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    "My Friend's Little Sister Is Only Annoying to Me" (友達の妹が俺にだけウザい)

    Why should we get this?:

    It's a romantic comedy set in reality, which we don't have too many of stateside. It has the pratfalls of your typical rom com, but I think it does it in a way that doesn't insult your intelligence (even the dense MC thinks about "what if they like me / what if they're jealous of each other", particularly working around the latter concern at times) and works towards the hero, Akiteru, developing bonds with the people in his apartment complex and at school (particularly his cousin, Mashiro, and his best friend's sister, Iroha).

    The art really caught my eye. Just pleasing colors and designs to me. I believe it's getting a manga adaptation as well, so more wonderful art for the series should be out there eventually. =)

    Why we wouldn't get this?:

    Well, it's just another rom com in a slew of them in Japan, and it just started. It's popular in Japan, getting reprints each time, but no real cache stateside (outside of fanslation scene).

    The "game developer" aspect in V1 feels a bit tacked on. It doesn't really feel like these folks in the story really love video games or anything either. Whatever game they developed I have little clue about except that it's a mobile game, has many characters with voice acting, and has a story. So for people that want a "New Game" equivalent game development novel, this isn't it.

    It has a short section of Mahjong play in it too that may be a challenge to localize for Westerners unfamiliar with the game. A lot of specific terminology for moves / hands thrown around.

    What Does The Title Mean?

    Iroha, a young Kohai of main character Akiteru, does a lot of stuff to seemingly "mess" with him. She steals his friend's key to enter his room unannounced, blares music, pretends to have an affectionate moment before shouting "just kidding" (which you can see in the trailer below), coming up with plans that are terrible (and for some reason... Akiteru still follows them hook, line, and sinker). Still, Akiteru doesn't take all this sitting down, as he's just as apt to send the abuse her way as well (a particularly memorable scene involves him carrying his Kohai piggyback style, embarrassing the heck out of her).

    We learn their backstory over time to see that maybe there are reasons for what each of them are doing and that it isn't just annoyance for annoyance's sake. The heart of the story is 'friendship' and coexistence for apartment floormates and high school attendees. And the delicateness of those bonds as well...

    Series Trailer:


    Synopsis / Plot

    My Unofficial Version:

    How many volumes?

    2 out. Third one is being worked on now. The first two volumes released three months apart.

    Label / Publisher:
    GA Bunko / SB Creative

    Author's other works:

    Notable work by them:
    "Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo?"

    Illustrator's works:

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    Upvoting it purely for the art (and also I'm a sucker for romcom stuff).
    We can make Ningen translate it since he likes Mahjong. /s

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    Yeah, the art for this one is solid imo. A lot of art
    has been shared by the author and publisher on Twitter for those interested.

    Here's an exclusive Festival Yukata Iroha art they're selling at Comiket.

  • It looks so much like the cover of Tomozaki. Upvoted.

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    Seems interesting, so I'll upvote.

    On another note, I wouldn't mind more mahjong in my LNs. Granted, it's hard to do anything too mahjong-focused now since it'll inevitably be compared to Saki (or Akagi if it's a more serious work) but I'd still be interested.

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    I see rom-com, I upvote. I've supported the precious few rom-coms we've gotten over here but the more the merrier I say. Softbank Creative and Shogakukan seem to have lot of the rom-coms, so if JNC could get a relationship with one of them, I'd be happy.

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    SB Creative is my #1 wanted publisher between this, Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, Highschool Prodigies in Another World, White Album 2, Zoa Hunter, and The World Is Full Of Monster Therefore I Want to Live as I Wish.

    SB Creative has 125 series that they wrapped up "complete" too, so that's a positive for folks that don't like to jump into a series that could get canned / author loses interest.

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    upvoting cuz I'd read it and I think JNC needs more variety

  • This looks fantastic.

    We really need more slice of life on the english LN market to be honest. I know people are giving publishers crap for always licensing isekais, and the response always is: "that's whats selling" - and I get it, but I really hope they will "take a chance" on some SoL light novels, we need those.

    Got my upvote!

  • @jon-mitchell
    Well, sadly isekai is the best selling genre so yeah, variety is a huge problem, but its getting better.

    I really hope to see more SoL and I wouldn't mind seeing it from JNC - I just hope we will get a print version of it at some point.

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    @verdelishjp said in My Friend's Little Sister Is Only Annoying to Me (Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai):

    We can make Ningen translate it since he likes Mahjong. /s

    ... darn it that's one convincing argument.