Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry

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    Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry (Ojou Denka wa Oikari no You desu)
    Original Publisher
    Overlap (Japanese)
    Born as the Princess of War, touted as the Greatest Mage, her name was Leticiel.

    She lost her family and partner to the neighboring kingdom’s invasion. In order to prevent her power from falling into enemy hands, Leticiel took her own life… or that was what was supposed to happen. Instead, she woke up to see an unfamiliar ceiling.

    After gathering information, Leticiel realized she had somehow transmigrated into another person living a thousand years after.

    To make things worse, she was a talentless lady who was shunned by her acquaintances, family, and even her fiancee.

    There were many issues she wanted to complain about, but when she witnessed the magecraft of the world from a thousand years after… “Magecraft Maniac” Leticiel was livid at its lameness.

    “The magecraft level in this world is too looooow!!!”

    The tale of an eccentric Royal Highness blasting open her path in life using the strongest magecraft, begins!

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    Read the first volume which was fan TLed and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Currently there are two volumes out, only one fan TLed, and I want to see where this goes. Thanks.

  • I want to second this. There's currently only two volumes but is ongoing. It's quite the quirky story that follows some tropes, turns others on their heads and tinkers with yet more others. Quite the good read.

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    Looks like my jam, give it to me :-*

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    I think this is the LN I most want to see translated at the moment. At first glance it seems like your usual overpowered reincarnated MC affair, but I found it has enough twists to the usual formula to be refreshing. The main character has a nice internal conflict, and the premise is pretty interesting with the MC being reincarnated into an already existing girl several hundreds of years after her own time.

    Would be really nice to see JNovel pick this up at some point, considering it is published by OVERLAP and all.

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    Sounds interesting. I would like to read it.

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