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  • Hello! It's my first time writing a thread so please bear with me :)

    Will it be possible for J-Novel Club to release its books on iBooks? This is what I've been doing in another english-translated japanese light novel shop and it is very convenient for me.

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    @demonfear1 iBooks preorder links should be up soon! Same with Kobo.
    And we will sell them on Nook too however we can't do preorders there.


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    iBook links are up!

    Some might still take a few hours to appear on the iTunes store though.

  • @Sam-Pinansky Hello, sorry for the late reply but where can I see the link? I'm going to pre-order My Little Sister Can Read Kanji but I can't seem to find it.

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    @demonfear1 Go to the volume page, which the easiest way to get to is: Click Titles, click on my little sister can read kanji, and click on "Volume 1" listed below.

    The links also pop up at the end of any part in the reader. I would add links on the series page too, but when you get multiple volumes in the series they all have to go to different places, so I just have the links on the "volumes" details page currently.

    It's kind of non-optimal, and I'm thinking about ways to make the location more obvious.

  • @Sam-Pinansky Great! Can't wait to read it during Christmas vacation. I know you're busy translating and stuff but thanks for helping me nonetheless.

    PS. You can also search the title you want to buy by using the search bar on your iTunes or iBooks app. (How stupid of me)

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