A way for users to report typos

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    Definitely not high on the priority list, I'm aware, but I do run into typos that have made it past your editors on a reasonably regular basis. Truthfully, it is only every once in a while, and they are typically only the omission of single letters.

    For example, realist hero volume 10 part 8 at around 64% "Um, Your Majesty? I something the--"
    I'm fairly sure it is meant to be 'Is,' and allowing users who find these sorts of things to report them would certainly not be a bad thing.

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    Each volume of each book has a linked topic, where exactly that sort of thing goes on.

    For example.... https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/2507/realist-hero-vol-10/139

    The ending page of each section has a link that says, "Discuss in Forums" that takes you to the topic for that volume.

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    As @SomeOldGuy said, corrections should be posted on the book topics.

    But also, the parts are prepublications, they have been translated and edited once but will go through more editing and proofreading before being published.


    What is a Pre-pub release?
    Think of them as simulcasts for light novels!
    For each series, we will release 1 part of the volume we are currently translating for Members to read online or on our apps. These parts will generally be about 30-40 pages, but can vary week to week.
    Please keep in mind that these are pre-publication releases, and have not been fully proofread at the standard we have for our official e-book releases (although we'd like to think they're still pretty good!).
    Also, they may not contain all the illustrations (like the color illustrations in the front).

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    Thank you for the replies. I'm not much one for forums, so I admit to overlooking that on the end pages. I still feel like something more direct wouldn't be bad idea to consider, seeing as I believe I've run into a handful of these small errors on the post-publication versions as well.

    Mostly I admit that it just drives me nuts on a personal level though.

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    For errors found in published ebooks it is generally recommended that corrections be sent to support@j-Novel.club

    There are various reasons for that but it basically comes down to it will get seen and addressed faster.

    It is also important to note that corrections found in the final QC before an ebook is published won’t always be applied to prepub parts on the website, so if the book has been published and you find an error while reading the prepub parts on the site it probably was already caught.