MAL Ratings for J-Novel Club Titles?

  • I created a MAL account and have been rating all of my anime, manga and LN. I know the MAL forums in particular have a bit of a bad reputation but I was encouraged to do this by the fact that HiDive has incorporated the MAL ratings into their website (side-by-side with the normal HiDive viewer ratings).

    At any rate I got most of the J-Novel Club series I read rated and I notice that there aren't many J-Novel Club series rated very highly. Rokujouma is the highest rated at number 41... So that got me wondering if it is unusual for subscribers here to rate the LN series at MAL. I'll admit it was a bear to find the series because MAL doesn't like the english names...

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    Been reading manga for nearly 2 decades, watching anime for even longer, just got into light Novels back in 2012, and I have never been on MAL before in my life

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    Oh, yeah... there are ratings on their pages...

    The only time I've been on is when I'm looking for descriptions of things I've heard about, and can't find on wikipedia. I maintain a list of things I own, with wiki links to their descriptions, in part so I don't forget and buy something multiple times, and in part because I would lend things to members of the (now defunct) local anime/manga club. I stopped linking to them after they started restricting access if you have an ad blocker running.

    Apparently they have some confusion in their titles/ratings - I see one series on your link that is rated as both 14th and 40th.

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    I use it as excel sheet replacement, so don't care about ratings.
    And the thing is, JNC just don't have too many overhyped titles with massive fanbases to spam 10-s on them.
    @someoldguy said in MAL Ratings for J-Novel Club Titles?:

    Apparently they have some confusion in their titles/ratings - I see one series on your link that is rated as both 14th and 40th.

    That's main series and a sequel.

  • @someoldguy Those are two separate titles. One is a spinoff of the other. But I won't deny their choice of always using the Japanese name (even when a English license exists) is needlessly confusing.

    I had mostly ignored MAL too, except when the new season was coming, just to see what was in the new season. I had done my ratings on ANN and Amazon... but ANN seems even less active in the ratings than MAL for LN. So I thought it was worth pointing out.

  • If anybody wants to quickly find many of the J-Novel Club titles I have them in My Manga List. Some of the newer titles don't have listings yet, like "There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF!".

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    Actually, I find MAL listing only romanised JP title a good thing - it is much easier to remember only one title for one work than to try to remember how it is named at at least 3 different languages. And that's without counting unofficial ones.

  • It seems logical to allow the user to choose the title language they prefer displayed by the site -- most US readers are not going to have a clue what the Japanese title is.

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    Yeah, it's logical and convinient.. But far less than half of even anime entries have one. Even less for manga. For other languages it's even worse. It could end in a confusing mishmash. Not to mention that one can still search for anime using english title.
    Not to mention that they still other, more pressing problems, like 7000 entries backlog of manga to approve...

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