Just an appreciation post

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    Hello it's my first post in here, so i hope im posting this in the right place.

    I have been reading for some time some of your translated novels! (Didn't actually know until i reached the end, cus i purchased them on amazon) .

    Then realised that at the very end there was always this thing in common called the "J Novel club" , so after a few novels (sorry for taking so long :w:) i decided to check it out, and send support you by suscribing to this amazing place, and keep reading them.

    I'm a 2nd year studing atm, actually studiying translation, so im guessing thats why im even more amazed as your work than an average reader. I read the books in english mostly because in my language (spanish) its clunky sometimes to read, so when i discovered the 1st light novel in amazon i couldn't stop.

    It was gripping, i couldn't stop reading, it wasnt just the words translated but the very meaning of them (which sometimes, being japaneese it's really hard, at least for me (im still learning) to translate, even to my mother language.
    But no words felt out of place, it all felt natural as a person who was been watching anime for lots of years now, which is exactly what hooked me into it.

    I am currently studiying japaneese as well as my Translator degree, and i truly hope i can someday get to translate something as good as you guys do every single time, or at least get close to it! .

    Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up!

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    Welcome to the club

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    Thaanks =w=!

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