Ascendance of a Bookworm

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    I usually just skip over the odd phrasing or wrong word here or there. That said, Ascendance of a Bookworm seems to have missed a lot of editing. I've been reading it as part of the October catch up, but it's getting seriously ridiculous how frequently I am stumbling over errors with this volume.

    As an example the below is just from one page out of Volume 3 Part 5:

    “You’ll be spending a day’s worth of time with my, Myne.”

    A few sentences later...

    Let we shall go.” We walked outside and locked the door behind us. In general, people of the city wore thick mantles and wide hates to block the rain.

    Maybe I'm just too sensitive due to the number of errors in this volume and I need to go get me a wide hate to block the rain cloud over my head.

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    And in just two more pages...

    "Welcome back, Myne. A pound cake I baked is right ready for you."

    "it will look more fancier"

    "Aren't you gown to own a store"


    What is a Pre-pub release?

    Think of them as simulcasts for light novels!
    For each series, we will release 1 part of the volume we are currently translating for Members to read online or on our apps. These parts will generally be about 30-40 pages, but can vary week to week.
    Please keep in mind that these are pre-publication releases, and have not been fully proofread at the standard we have for our official e-book releases (although we'd like to think they're still pretty good!).

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    yeah that's the nature of prepub, also if you haven't realize there is forum button in the end of each part which link to dedicated thread for each volume where you can report such issue.

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    Actually it says it's published, or at least it says "Buy the e-book" for the volume, and work is already up for the first part of volume 4.

    I didn't know about the forum part so thank you for pointing that out. As of now I have over a full page of errors marked ONLY for part 5 of volume 3...which is published already...

  • Catchup is just reposting the expired prepublication parts. The published product is the ebook that you can buy with a premium credit or on various online stores.

  • For what it is worth I just checked the eBook of Volume 3 and all the errors you have noted so far have all been addressed.

    After all the parts have been uploaded for users and before the eBook is compiled it goes through a thorough editing and proofreading check, however those changes seldom make it back into the prepub parts. That is why if the eBook has been published any errors found in the prepub parts become a non-issue.

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    The published releases are cleaner but I also found a lot of errors on my kindle versions and reported some through the the tool in the Kindle app.
    Don't know how or if those are addressed in any way

  • @bady2bro

    No idea about that kindle app tool, but we usually tell users if they want to report anything to email them directly

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    Awesomeness, thanks for all the help. If I read books they are usually from my library, so I haven't really read the web part versions of books much before. Now I know if I am interested I after a couple parts it's better to use some premium credits to add it to my library and read it from there.