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    @b-scot-morgan , I see , thats some information for me. Benno mentioned he raised Corrina after his father died but never mentioned other siblings. Thanks.

    @EmpactWB wow , i missed that. I read only once G.Master's story. So i should check again.

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    @hopebestman You're welcome. I think the sister is only briefly mentioned in a couple of the side stories, the ones from Corinna and Benno, so it is easy to miss.

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    @b-scot-morgan as @EmpactWB mentioned , i checked as well , he has several young siblings but i dont know Corrina + another sister or more.

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    Now, TO Book's Bookworm promotional page is updated with graphics saying "3 Million Copies Sold". It was updated to "2 Million Copies Sold" in Sept 2019, so they have sold a million copies in less than half a year.

  • So at the end of December they decided to do a mini character poll for the Part 1 manga (in contrast to the bigger character polls at the end of P2/3/4 of the LN) and the top three were:
    Ferdinand: 358
    Benno: 215
    Myne: 184

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    @lurkingmclurk Character polls are always terrible things. For example, neither Ferdinand or Benno would be any way as entertaining without their interactions/dealings with Myne.

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    This was posted in the members' Part 2 Volume 3 forum, but a J-novel staff member suggested it would be better here (presumably because it is not specific to that volume.)

    I thought it would be interesting to skim through forum posts for each volume and see what predictions/speculations people have made, and how they turned out. "Turned out" will be as of the end of Part 2 Vol 2, as there may be non-members here who haven't read the incomplete translation of Part 2 Vol 3.

    This is the result for Part 1, Volume 1. There was only one prediction:

    Ascendance of a Bookworm Vol. 1 Discussion!
    Ho boy I can't wait to see until Myne finds out you can't make clay just out of any dirt in any random forest. At least I hope the author is aware that some places had to import clay over quite some distances.

    Correct - Myne did not know this, but Lutz did.

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    And people's predictions from the Part 1 Vol 2 forum. All "spoilers" herein are not spoilers, I'm just hiding quotes from forum posts simply to keep the length of this post from getting excessive. My marking a speculation as "incorrect" is not a criticism of the person who speculated.

    I hope this doesn't end up a mess. Is there somewhere we can practice markup?

    Benno getting Myne to sign the magic contract was to test whether she had mana. Incorrect.

    First speculation that mana causes Myne's sickness. Correct.

    Having noted slate pencils are edible(!), maybe Myne will start cooking with them. Incorrect.

    Myne's mana caused the trombe in the forest to grow. Correct.

    Trombes can be used to control the Devouring. Semicorrect - this plan would have worked, but was not needed.

    Freida will have a big role. Unresolved - she has been a minor character so far.

    Will Myne notice Lutz is sweet on her? Unresolved.

    It will take a date with a noble for Myne to realize she loves Lutz. Unresolved.

    Myne invents moveable type (unresolved), gets royalties for sweets recipes (correct, although it was a lump payment from Frieda), publishes recipe book (unresolved.)

    Myne get paid for showing how to improve the ride of carriages. Unresolved.

    Benno pays to treat Myne's devouring. Correct, although he did so in a roundabout way.

    Myne learns to use mana without tools (and so self-treats the devouring). Slightly correct - she Crushed the bishop without magic tools.

    The cost of 2 small gold to treat Devouring once, as told to Benno, was a lie, to try to end with Myne indebted to the guildmaster. Correct.

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    @libri-liberorum some spoilers and theories not fitting. example ;

    Myne learns to use mana without tools (and so self-treats the devouring). Slightly correct - she Crushed the bishop without magic tools

    you used this twice. one in spoiler one not.

    I think you should check your post and edit ; there are some mistakes after ;

    Freida will have a big role. Unresolved - she has been a minor character so far.

    However , this is a nice thinking and entertaning post :) i would like to version of each parts.
    Currently it would be only part 1 but still :)

    PS: If its my mistake , sorry for troubling you :) because of my "broken english" i am making mistakes :)

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    In part 2 vol 1 , when people compering anime to LN there was a major topic about Myne's name. Myne , Main , Tulli , Turi etc. and someone said "author made some research about the names and their origines. I wonder do you guys know some of them. I am asking because i made some google search but most of them comes from German origine(at least google told me :D ) but i wonder from other languages , cultures and stuff , do you know different meaning.

    Edit: I have another totally different question but i dont want to spam :) so i edited my last comment.

    In Volume 1's epilogue , when Otto discribes Myne he says

    “Mmm, I saw her during the winter, and it didn’t look like their mother was putting that much effort into grooming. Though she and Myne do look alike..." in manga and anime drawings little confusing in that part , at least for me. I know Otto only talks about their looks but he saw all 4 members of the family here and there. Tulli and Effa look alike , and not just hair color. Acts , hair designs , clothes etc.

    Are they really look alike?

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    @hopebestman I think the names bit is just preference on the part of the translators. Maïne (note the extra dot over the i) is pronounced the same as Myne, but I seem to recall that “Myne” was judged to be easier for English speakers to figure out since we don’t often use diacritics (the technical term for those extra dots or lines on letters that change pronunciation). This doesn’t matter as much in the anime where viewers can hear it.

    As for Effa and Myne looking alike, well, Otto says so and he’s a pretty observant guy. I think we can trust him. But if we need stronger evidence, we can look through the illustrations. Effa and Myne seem to have more reserved expressions (absent books, anyway) while Tuuli and Gunther are the kind of expressive people you want at the poker table. This may be more of a bearing or presence than a physical feature. Still,

    Spoiler tag is probably unnecessary since that’s in stuff already released, but that doesn’t mean everyone is up to speed.

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    @empactwb hahaha , i was editing again :) thanks for the answer. I can agree Otto's thoughts should be good but if you and others could see in the illustrations they are look alike , im fine with it. I cant see more than hair colors. So its all good.

    Also , i wanna ask another question :) so i will continue in this comment.

    This is a theory , i dont expect an answer but anyway.

    In our world there is no magic. So if a small kid acts like Myne , we only could call him/her genius. However , in this world there is magic. We dont know the rules and stuff but it exists. So when Benno talked to Lutz he said

    "Listen, Lutz. This girl’s not as young as she looks. At the very least, she’s mature enough to smile and take care of others when she’s suffering herself. Don’t let her fool you. Don’t take advantage of her help.”

    And in Mark's side story , he and Mark were discussing "Who is Myne? How does she knows those stuff?" so i wonder , in future(if it will be , it would be soon maybe in next couple vols.) Benno will ask the question "who the hell are you?" and idk maybe in that moment but eventually she will tell the truth to him. So in near future 4 people will know Myne's true identity(idk about Archduke so i wont count him). Question is , what do you think :)

  • @hopebestman @empactwb
    Here is the original discussion on here about her name, it spans over several comments before arriving at its conclusion, funnily enough you have somebody saying:

    Could go completely crazy and make it Myne?

    While Maine was still in use and we were talking about alternatives.
    And here is a nice translation of the author describing how she came up with マイン and metioning quof asking about how to spell マイン (Myne) and トゥーリ (Tuuli).
    Incidentally in the French edition they use Maïn because the French actually know how diacritics work whereas finding a native English speaker that does is going to be harder.

  • @hopebestman also

    Mainz is famous as the home of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable-type printing press, who in the early 1450s manufactured his first books in the city, including the Gutenberg Bible.

  • Ascendance of a Bookworm will be entering its Final Arc (Part 5) inMarch 2020

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    I have removed the spoiler parts of your comment, please refer to this post as to why.

    Your cooperation is appreciated!

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    I was rereading some earlier, and I noticed something a little odd while reading about Freida and the Guildmaster: we haven't met any of Myne's extended family. We see that single-child families are a bit unusual and that families tend to remain in one place, but have we heard anything about grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins?

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    @empactwb We know that Effa’s father (i.e. Myne’s maternal grandfather) was a soldier in command of a gate (from P1V2 side story). But we haven’t heard anything else about him, not even if he is alive or dead now.

    I don’t think we’ve heard about any other extended family at all. It is weird.

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    @empactwb idk , we never read anything about Lutz and his grandparents or Benno’s side. Guildmaster runs a family bussiness which is backbone of the city. Otmar(i dont remember the name) company something. I think the old guys is active because he has important job but regular people dont have any reason to stay. They could be future characters which they could help Myne or others somehow.

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    @hopebestman Yeah, that’s all true, but Myne is the usual perspective character. It’s just sort of odd that it never comes up.

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