Only 1 part of Grimgar volume one?

  • Anyone know why there's only volume 1 part 1 of Grimgar then it goes straight to volume 2?


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    Grimgar Volume One has been published as an ebook over the internet and therefore the access to the later parts have been withdrawn as it's now available for purchase on different ebook platforms.

    The first part is kept open as it gives a glimpse into what the novel offers and to poke your interest in purchasing them.

  • @Fezu Ah okay, thanks. Didn't know they got removed once published, better get reading quickly 😂

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    @Totte Indeed u.u I recommend reading the first volume of The Faraway Paladin if you already didn't, since you have only more 8 days to read it.

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    @Pmf96 Agree, it's my favorite book on here- can't recommend it highly enough!

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    @the-green-death Same for me. Though I have other series that I also enjoy a lot, this one definitely is my favorite. Love the characters btw :3

  • @Pmf96 @the-green-death

    Thanks. Just finished reading the first chapter and I love it. I have an intense sense of dread that it's going to go downhill for the characters though T.T
    Am I the only one who thought the MC had a learning difficulty or mental illness at first? 😯

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    @Totte Really glad you are enjoying it :smile:
    Hmmm... I don't think that I thought that tbh... at least I don't remember :sweat_smile:

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    @Totte Main character in Faraway Paladin or Grimgar? =]

  • @Terrence The MC of Faraway Paladin, the first part of the prologue.

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    I'm guessing the Faraway Paladin's MC. The prologue does make it seem that way a bit but I think it's more hinting at the fact that he was a NEET or something lol.

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    @Totte Yeah, he was a Hikkikimori or Neet. I consider Hikkikimori a mental issue, so I would say you're right. A lot of times the shut in has anxiety issues about the world around him and their state in it. Perception seems to be a big part, them seeing themselves as being judged constantly by others when out, so they retreat.

    I'm basing my definition on one particular Hikkikimori from fiction who actually was an author insert, Satou from Welcome to the NHK. If you get the chance, see if you can find that book in your library systems, it's great. =]

    Here's a short video on Hikkikimori from ABC Australia.

  • @Terrence
    I thought that he might've been a NEET because of some kind of illness, I think it was more of his lack of memory that made me think that. Or it could be just that this is the first thing I've read that doesn't kind of... Idealise NEETs I guess? 😂

    Welcome To The NHK is out of print right? I just looked it up and could only find the first volume at a ridiculous price, and couldn't find any of the others at all ...Tokyopop 😭😭

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    @Totte Yeah. I rented it from the library thankfully, but afterwards I went searching and couldn't find NHK available in novel format for cheap, just the anime and manga.

    Actually I did find it at I think Rightstuf for cheap a month later. 13.00 or something.

    Here you go.

  • @Terrence Thanks for the link, but since I'm not from the US I can't really justify paying expensive shipping when there's just one book published 😭

    Trying to find an online translation now.

    Edit: Ended up buying it anyway because I found some other Tokyopop books I wanted, which made $20+ shipping worthwhile. 😂

  • @Pmf96 I don't feel like making a new post for this, so could you be kind and awnser my question :). So, I'm about to buy some ebooks from this site, I've decided to buy Paladin and two more. Which other two would you recomend for me. The genre doesn't matter as long as it has an interesting or funny ass story. (Don't include grimgar as I'm wating for volume 3nor occultic). I know it's all about opinion but I really need some advice. Is it worth waiting for the two new licenses or are there better ones? Well that's all. :3

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    @Totte said in Only 1 part of Grimgar volume one?:

    Edit: Ended up buying it anyway because I found some other Tokyopop books I wanted, which made $20+ shipping worthwhile. 😂


    @ImIlyaz said in Only 1 part of Grimgar volume one?:

    Which other two would you recomend for me. :3

    Big Sister Lives In a Fantasy World is my favorite. Action, Comedy, Romance, Monster Women, Chuunibyou, it has it all. And it's one of the few that takes place in reality, not an Isekai (Little Apocalypse and My Sister Can Read Kanji have a bit more interdimensional travel, but those also aren't Isekai).

    My other favorite is Realist Hero, but that's not out yet. It's like if an economist ended up in an Isekai. Think Maoyuu in terms of the economic basis if you've seen that.

    Edit: Isekai means "Another World" just FYI. It's when a guy is zoomed away from the real world to typically a fantasy world.

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    @ImIlyaz Oh!! I'm really sorry that I took so long to reply. Had logged out from the forum and didn't realized :confounded:
    You probably already bought them, but still.. T^T
    Like @Terrence said, "Big Sister Lives In a Fantasy World" is imo really good, also recommend it. (in fact, i finished the 1st volume and started the 2nd one quite recently)
    Hmm... Again, like @Terrence, "Realist Hero" also is one of my favorites, but it's not out yet. Another one that I found it surprisingly enjoyable was "Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension", but it also is not out yet T_T (though you still have 5 days to read the Prepub :wink: ) I guess that I would recommend "My Little Sister Can Read Kanji", though I only have read the first 3 chapters I enjoyed it a lot. Have it on-hold cause I want to finish other series before the prepub expires :cry:
    Hmmm... By "the two new licenses", do you mean the ones that J-novel will bring? ... If so, i don't think that it's needed, the series that we already have here are imo really good :smile:

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    @Pmf96 I concur. Mixed Bathing would be my third best choice, at least for the opening volume, it was fun and adventurous like Shield Hero. Then Sister Kanji fourth. I haven't read MMORPG though.

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    @Terrence Hmmm... Have yet to read Shield Hero, so can't really confirm the comparison... :cry:
    hmmm.. :thinking: Though, Paying to Win in a VRMMO is not one of my favorites I still find it quite enjoyable. It makes some references to SAO, and i find that funny. Though as the story goes I don't find it that good (imo :sweat_smile: ). But I still recommend it :3 In fact, you still have a month to read the Prepub, so you can always try it out if you have the time :smile:

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