History/Library/Following tab on the app

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    A common problem I have is that when I am reading, leave to use another app and come back to the still active app, it will refresh and go to home page of the app.
    Fixing this would be nice, but other more fundamental solutions are what I put in the title.

    • A history tab would allow you to pick up where you left off regardless of how far down the chapter may end up on the app.
    • Likewise, a Previous/next option at the beginning/end of each chapter would be amazing.
    • A library/following section will also allow for readers to check on their specific series whenever they update and not have search or hunt on the day they release for them to be on top of the list of updates.

    These would be great quality of life improvements on both the app and the website for subscribers such as myself.

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    Yeah, I'd definitely like to see some or all of these.

  • Along with the ability to follow stories maybe an alert system that one can turn on/off? Something like an email that goes out whenever a new section is updated of a novel you're following? Or even just an indicator on the "following" tab (or whatever is implemented) that something has been updated. Like it has an ! or is highlighted until you click on it to view at which point the indicator (or color change) is resolved and it goes back to normal.

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    Bookmark would be nice