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    I would appreciate it if you put information about reading grade on the books somehow because I found it easy to read J-Novel Club vocabulary with e-reader (for example Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
    I wonder what reading grade is that) than Yen Press, with grade reading as a foreign person or some people it will be very helpful who is not their first language is English and learning English at the same time (good thing I have a scanner-dictionary for physical book Yen Press titles where I stumble upon the words that I don't know at least 7-10 or more but they help me to increase my vocabulary/acknowledge since then, it's just that it bothers me so much that I have to take a break from reading and go back the next day to read again but I will not give up no matter what that I love Light Novels.

    Pardon me if I made any mistake with grammar or making statements it's just that I'm not good with words since I was born with it, even with my own
    language kinda strange huh? Anyway, thank you for your time and attention.

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    I think there's mathematical methods you can use to calculate the reading level of a book. Always have trouble finding them online though. It'd be nice if there were a tool that could do the calculations for you.

    Here's a site where you can request a Lexile level calculator tool.

    Never used that particular calculation / calculator, so I don't know if that'll help you.

    There's another site I found titled readabilityformulas (with a com for the address). That one seems to list a few methods for calculating US grade levels. I think I used Smog?

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