• Hello everyone,

    I just would like to suggest adding the option to pay with Paypal. I know this payment has an extra charge, but I feel safer using Paypal instead of input my own credit card.

    Anyway, I really like your project and it is really cool bring the light novels to Western.

    Kind regards,


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    Because we are a subscription service, paypal would require building an entirely new subscription backend service for it...
    It's a lot of work, but something I might consider in the future.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Please work on this immediately. Can't subscribe because of my bank has little trust with unpopular services. Even on Valve's Steam has lots of issues when I'm purchasing directly so Paypal is my only option. Thanks!

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    I have suggested it before but I can even suggest something better now. Maybe give the option for people to buy another kind of credits, these credits could then be exchanged for premium or normal subscriptions (1 credit would be 1 month), this way people could use Paypal and get around the subscription model.

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    @Paulo27 Kind of like the system with how you could buy Crunchyroll subscriptions for a month, 6 months or 12 months through their store? I can see that being a possibility.

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    @Paulo27 That's a clever idea!

  • @Sam-Pinansky
    Hello, wouldn't it be possible to let those who cannot pay with credit card pay manually each month through paypal while the subscription service is being built?
    I am in a similar situation where i can't use a credit card but only pp, btc and possibly through bank transfers(though i'm not really sure how that works internationally).
    It would be awesome if this could be added since you guys have some really good novels that i want to read.

  • For now, add a 1 time 1 year subscription.
    After, a internal credit system could be good.

  • @keul agree

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    @Sam-Pinansky With the amount of people asking for PayPal lately this might be worth upping the priority on, but in the meantime it might not be a bad idea to just offer an option for PayPal users to buy a whole year upfront if developing the paypal subscription back-end is too much work currently.

  • Anyway, even if the website is HTTPS, the card information are entered on this website and not in a bank payment page or well know company.
    The recurring payments also indicate that the payment information must be keept, witch is not really safe. So, for me, it's paypal or nothing.

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    @keul just to clarify this point: we do not touch your credit card info.
    The information is sent directly from your browser to our credit card provider, stripe (they power Facebook, among other big companies), and the information never goes to our servers at all.
    The same thing with recurring payments: stripe keeps track of the subscriptions and handles the charges, reporting back to our server about the status of people's subscriptions.
    In other words even if our servers were completely hacked no credit card info would be revealed since it doesn't exist on our servers.

  • @Sam-Pinansky
    "The information is sent directly from your browser to our credit card provider"
    payment form hosted on jnclub
    but the form is still hosted on your website, with a simple update (or if your site get hacked), you can get new credit card numbers.
    You also don't say that you use stripe in the FAQ or in the payment form.

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    @keul you need to understand more how webpages work. Just because the form is shown on our web address doesn't mean that when you hit the "submit" button that the information you enter is sent to the address shown on the browser. What actually happens, see, is that it triggers a JavaScript https request to stripe's server when you hit submit. This sends the cc card in to stripes server and they check that the card is valid. They then send back to the browser a token, which is like a signature for your account and cc info (it's not the card info itself), and THAT is the information we store on our servers.
    Feel free to check the actual http connections in the browser developer console if you aren't convinced.

  • @Sam-Pinansky I know how ajax works (and that it won't work with noscript installed without having to whitelist).

    "In other words even if our servers were completely hacked no credit card info would be revealed since it doesn't exist on our servers." => But new credit card entered while the webpage is hacked will be revealed.

    "Feel free to check the actual http connections in the browser developer console" => quite complex to look at all the requests in the network tab and check cookies/localstorage.
    If the form is on a bank/specialised company page, it's easier to look at the HTTPS URL and certificate and I also know where to complain if there is any problem.

    Think on the visitor side:

    • would you trust paypal?
    • would you trust a well know bank?
    • would you trust kickstarter? (and the project you back :D)
    • would you trust amazon?
    • would you trust a not so well know website?

  • Still waiting for that paypal payment option, it's like you don't want my money

  • Definitely -- lack of Paypal as an option is the reason I am not a subscriber right now.

  • Sometimes you just gotta have balls XD , but that can sometimes lead you to your doom. I myself have a good bank that is so accurate to identify credit card theft/debit card theft that I feel at ease using it anywhere that's not obviously suspicious. I also have the bank app set to alerting me to any purchase above 15$ . Also for those skeptical of J-NC just think would "Amazon" a juggernaut have a business relationship ship with a website that is known for stealing cc/dc info? It would just bring them bad press and end up like eBay. But still I guess you can never really let down your guard.

  • Actually, I only use gift cards to purchase from Amazon as well -- my bank account has been the victim of fraud a number of times and I finally just made it a hard and fast rule to never use the bank card online (and haven't had a problem since). Amazon gift cards can be purchased/used without a "activation fee" or service charge -- whereas Visa/Mastercard gift cards want a extra fee on top to "activate" (thus driving up the cost of a subscription -- for no extra value I might add).

    I happened to have a gift card somebody gave me that I could use to try membership here out -- but when it ran out I was forced to cease membership.

    I'll also say this -- because I have to go through the trouble to find and purchase a gift card to shop at Amazon (even though there are no extra costs) I have spent alot more money at competitors who accept PayPay, just for the convenience. I only buy at Amazon if the price is wayyyyyy better or they have something I can't find elsewhere.

    Of course I am also one of those people who would rather go get cash out of the ATM to pay at restaurants rather than use my bank card to pay.

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    I know people who have avoided JNC because they were not able to pay via PayPal so it definitely seems like a worthwhile addition.

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