Can we have paypal here?

  • Hi, for the second time my mastercard got rejected because it is debet card. I can't get any credit card due to my poor financial condition. But strangely enough paypal accept my card and I can make online purchase here and there.
    I've run out good fan translated ln, and my fav ln has been licensed here (ex: realist hero, If It’s for My Daughter, grimgar, secret org, etc. ). I'm ready to buy membership with significant part of my wage, but I cant due to J-novel didn't accept paypal.
    would you consider adding paypal as a payment method? please...
    May be like membership coupon for month or 3 months that separated from normal payment method?

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    People have been asking for this forever.

    My memory is terrible but I think they don't have PayPal because the company who is doing the payment processing for J-Novel Club (was it Stripe?) don't support it.

    Debit cards that are a Visa or Mastercard debit should work though, or is your card actually a bank card not a debit card (the latter which is an emulated credit card, the former is just for ATMs or EFTPOS)

    Maybe there's a prepaid debit card known to work you can get and load money onto it to buy a membership?

    It shouldn't be that hard, but all the different banks in all the different countries seem to screw things up.

    Edit: you could try contacting J-Novel directly via email, support (at) to ask about what your options are. I don't think the staff monitor the forums constantly so you'd get faster troubleshooting with your current card - it might be something you can call your bank to fix.

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    I remember Sam saying at one point they don't do PayPal in part because PayPal's cut of the transaction is too large for the relatively small transactions at JNC. (I feel like I've seen small PayPal transactions, but the plans/policy might vary based on the volume of the store).

    So to work, it would need a separate system and may have to be limited to yearly subscriptions (and bulk credit purchases). I guess Sam hasn't thought it worth the effort/time given those restrictions (which may translate to too busy to make the time for it).

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    Stripe is PayPal's competitor. They're both payment service providers. Adding support for PayPal would be a separate software development effort.

    PayPal's fees for payment processing are higher than Stripe's.

    You can try a prepaid VISA card, in my experience they can be used anywhere a credit card can.

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    @guspaz said in Can we have paypal here?:

    You can try a prepaid VISA card, in my experience they can be used anywhere a credit card can.

    I'm surprised no one sells these on line (via pay pal etc?)

    but yes - go to the local Pharmacy/grocery store/ tabacchi/ kiosk/ news-stand/ whatever and pick up a visa gift card (prepaid visa/mc/ amex, using your debit card) and you are all set -once you get the card you may need to call the number on the back and register a zip code (if in the USA and using the card for online or gasoline purchases)

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    Before you do go through with buying membership I would ask what are you expecting to get out of it?
    Because it seems to me you think it will give you access to read those series, which is simply not the case.
    I might be misreading what your after from j novel club but I would recommend you read through the benefits list carefully.

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