Error Report Section for J-Novel Club Series

  • Greetings everyone,

    is there a specific section here with the forums to report several typos/errors etc. for the amazon versions of J-Novel Club light novels series? So far I have seen a section for manga errors, so I wonder.

    I apologize for my "newbie" question. I just registered looking for a place where I could report several errors through multiple ebooks at once instead of me composing several mails.


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    From the looks of it, it really has to be sent via email for now since they're already published.

    If there is a lot of errors, usually they work on it asap, so hope for the best

  • I see.

    Thank you very much for the quick reply, Haruna.

    I will compose some more emails for now then, hoping they will not be filtered out as spam for being multiple.

    Fortunately there are not many errors as per ebook. I just came across several by reading through various light novels the past week. So I wondered which is the best way to submit multiple hints at once.

    Thank you for your guidance.

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    For already published books you should mail errors to

  • For already published books you should mail errors to

    FTFY :)

    The "Contact Us" page is out of date :/

  • Thank you all.

    I used before and did not get any reaction. Probably that the page is outdated is a reason.

    Will submit something using the email address you provided, myskaros. Thanks!

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    @myskaros oh probably explains why that email I sent months ago for another ebook never got anything done to it

  • @harunachiep No, that's more likely just because we're all busy and small corrections to released e-books are lower priority. We'll fix them eventually, but not sure when.