QoL improvements suggestions

  • Nice to have a service like this offered! Loving my first experience so far!

    I know it's still early and the site is still new but I felt like I could suggest some things.

    2 small points

    1.Is there anyway to save my current location when I'm reading? Right now I'm going with the percentage but it's a little annoying. I don't always have to time to read a full chapter in one go.

    2.Since it's a simulpub wouldn't you guys be able to have a little* up to this point* resume before every chapter with characters names and pics if possible? Usually LNs have these kind of pages at the start of the book. Since you will offer a bunch of titles it could be hard to remember every characters name.

    Something like what Weekly shonen jump do before every chapter.

    Thank you for this service you guys offer!

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