Not able to download Feb 1 released books

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    @Sam-Pinansky It's times like these that I wish I secretly owned a Japanese light novel company. If I had a spare 50K lying around I would definetly invest, if you are looking for smaller investments I am all for throwing some capital toward J-Novel Club.

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    @Rahul-Balaggan As you can probably imagine the overhead of having many small investors can get overwhelming quickly.
    At some point you're better doing like a kickstarter type thing, but for me I've always held the philosophy that if it takes 3-4 years of losses to make a business profitable than you are probably not doing it right in the first place.... The whole silicon valley "growth at any cost", "spend the VC while it lasts" mindset is kind of anathema to me. I want to spend funds I have on content, then spend the proceeds on that content on more content, and reach a sustainable output and input level, with as little waste and fixed costs as possible. Does it limit our short term growth potential? Perhaps, but I'd rather keep 100% ownership and grow slowly than mortgage away the business to gain a quick 1000 subs from $100,000 worth of advertising or something.
    Call me old fashioned.

    People can always send me email at and I'm happy to take a look at it, at this point I'm limited by time.

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