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    So... I bought my favourite series "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" again for the sake of the bonus stories provided via J-Novel Club, and I notice the significant size difference between the amazon files and the epub files.

    Has anyone an idea how it affects the quality or other things? I mean, while the epub ones I can read with calibre - unlike the AZW3 ones - I have no idea why one file is around 2 MB and the other 18 MB...

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    @serah JNC epub have better pictures, also I don't know if that the case but it could be that different formats have different compression rates.

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    @serah it is @Raitoiro said premium editions have the absolute highest resolution for the images, and that will add on the bulk of the difference in file size.

    Also the premium edition does contain several pages of bonus short stories not present in the amazon copy, so that will also effect the size, not by a lot but still.

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    I figured that much, about the bonus stories. Though I would expect 1 MB more at max...

    The images on the other hand - sounds crazy that the difference is that huge. But I appreciate the best quality.

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    @serah An epub is nothing more than a renamed zip file. And the images within the epub are jpeg images, which have an adjustable compression ratio, so it's possible to make a deliberate tradeoff between image quality and storage size. Sounds to me like JNC has made the decision that image quality is worth more than size.

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