How do your enjoy Light Novels?

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    Some of us use iPads and tablets. Others with incredibly good eyes and endurance seem to read them on the PC display. I read them on my kindle aka an e-ink reader. But what else you do to enjoy the light novels you getting to the fullest?

    I for once enjoy them on my bed - usually before sleep, since a light novel volume has almost the exact amount to read to fill the gap between the evening and early night. Of course everything else turned silent and offline, so I can enjoy it after my cats got their fill of cuddling.

    How about you? Reading during your commutes? During breaks at work/campus? On a chair at the veranda? Maybe you prepare snacks before your reading session like wine and cheese? Also, it does not have to be limited to ebooks - some people like to bring their paperback books with their bath so I heard.

    What do you do to enjoy your light novels?

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    I read on whatever I have available at the time:

    • Paperbacks
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Computer screen

    I have to be sitting down with a straight posture or else I will get bored of reading and start to drift off to sleep, don’t matter how interesting what I am reading is.

    If I have any distractions such as music, food, too much talking in the background I can’t concentrate.

    What do you do to enjoy your light novels??

    Been reading LNs since 2012 and I still don’t have an answer to that question.

    Edit: Also I can’t read in moving vehicles, buses, trains, planes, cars. If I do I get an incredible severe headache that lasts for an hour or so, usually just after 3-5 pages.

  • I have all paperbacks, and only use my phone for the JNC ones that I read digitally.
    When I'm at home, I usually read while lying in bed and it's almost always the paperbacks. I've found it's the most comfortable place for being long term while reading. Sometimes I'll read one of the digital books on the computer, but not usually.
    I will read the digital ones while commuting for work, or while I'm on my lunch break. If I have a long commute, like on a plane, then I will take a paperback with me to read.

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    I start with paper but its expensive for me so i moved to PC. After that when i go outsite i read parts with my phone. I dont like it but hey , it works.

    If i had enough money , i would always choose to Paper than phone for emergencies but life is not perfect.

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    Since the majority here does not seem to use an e-ink reader, let me ask out of curiosity: have you tried one ever out? E-Ink reader, that is.

    Mainly I am asking it, since I would always prefer paper over display or phone screen due to my eyes. But e-ink has such a comfortable effect, that I am liking it more than paper now due to its convenience of having little weight and size compared to a proper book.

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    I had a kindle paper white for a while, loved every aspect of it, but the ultimate reason I returned it was because I couldn’t see colors, if that has been resolved I will buy one right this second.

    Also I don’t want any other type of e-reader, just specifically the paper white

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    @rahul-balaggan Very understandable on which I agree. That is why I separate my readings in paperwhite for ebooks and tablet for comics and manga. And even if it can show colours, I would still favour the tablet, knowing how less good even pure black and white manga like "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" looks on a kindle paperwhite.

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    @serah i didnt. And just one second google search , i guess e-ink is some kind of kiddle? And if it is , i dont think i will try in near future as well. I am using technology because of necessity. If i have a chose , i always choose paper over any tech. However , in future , when i get a job and i have money , i could get one of those kiddles to get rid off phone. But not in soon :D

  • Usually I read in bed before I go to sleep, either on a tablet or a physical book. I read until I reach a good stopping point or it gets late, or until I notice I am not following what I am reading anymore.

    For J-Novel, I read the prepubs on my PC, which is connected to a 28-inch TV screen. The screen is at about the same height as when I sit straight, and I use a wireless keyboard to turn the pages. When I am reading in Japanese and it is a more intensive read, I tend to sit by my PC as I find it easier to look things up then (and sometimes add things to Anki).

    I usually don't do anything during commute really; I find it a good time to relax. My commutes are on the short side though.

    @serah said in How do your enjoy Light Novels?:

    Since the majority here does not seem to use an e-ink reader, let me ask out of curiosity: have you tried one ever out? E-Ink reader, that is.

    Before I had a tablet, I used an e-ink reader. But it was quite a cheap one (from kobo) and it eventually got quite slow in turning pages regardless of pictures. So when I bought a smallish tablet I switched over to reading with that. E-ink is a bit more comfortable, esp. in prolonged reading, but for me it wasn't a big enough difference to buy another e-ink device.

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    I have a Likebook Mars(Android based e-ink not tied to any one ecosystem), I like it but I still probably read off of my phone 80% of the time with white text on black. It's just more convenient as I almost always have my phone on me and and don't need to go hunting my Likebook. I read whenever I have time to spare, fortunately I can read while commuting or with distractions without any problems(lots of both with multiple kids).

    @Rahul-Balaggan I believe colored e-ink devices have just recently hit the market, maybe last month?. I don't believe Amazon has one out yet, but personally I wouldn't be getting theirs anyway.

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    @khaos if they just hit the market I will probably get one in like 2-3 years after more have come out, some competition enters the field, and it seems like an overall good investment.

    Many thanks for the info.

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    @rahul-balaggan not problem but looks like I was somewhat mistaken. I remember reading about it but after looking it up, it seems it was an article stating color has just been unveiled, devices still haven't been introduced for sale yet(later this year it seems).

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    @serah I do the same. I have an iPad for comics/manga(after having 2 Google Pixel C tablets returned under warranty. 2 year EU warranty ftw) and use a Paperwhite for novels.

  • I have an old full color Nook I use for reading the actual light novels most of the time. It is old and does not support the J-Novel Club app, so I can't read the part releases on it. It also doesn't handle manga very well, so I use the PC for reading that stuff most of the time.

    I doubt I would buy a device just to use for reading. When I bought the Nook I was using it as a full tablet but it just got too old to be of much use as anything other than a reader. Ironically, I have never bought any e-books from Barnes and Noble (or Amazon for that matter). I only buy from Google Play or Kobo (or Premiums) in order to have generic epubs... I don't like proprietary formats (and I don't want to mess with converters).

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    @jason-maranto said in How do your enjoy Light Novels?:

    I have an old full color Nook I use for reading the actual light novels most of the time. It is old and does not support the J-Novel Club app, so I can't read the part releases on it.

    Question: Since the app does not work on my devices as well (see support section), I found for myself a workaround on that issue - wondering if it might work for you?

    I have no idea what a Nook is, since in Germany the tolino is most apparent as a competitor of kindle, but could you not use the browser of that tablet to access the JNC site via that and read the prepubs on the Nook?

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    I read pre-pubs on my phone (IPhone 8) during my commute to/from work (on the train). I find that the daily releases (and maybe a comment or two on forums) fills the hour each way nicely, and fits in my pocket. If I'm reading an entire volume, or Manga I prefer my IPad (IPad pro 11"). I had a digital ink device in the past (Sony E-Reader, now a dinosaur) I enjoyed it - but didn't want another device to carry around (that was a uni-tasker). I'd love to see a tablet that's color LCD on the front and e-ink on the back, reading on a flight or for more than an hour or so an a LCD is tough on the eyes

  • I enjoy my LNs on my Ipads before going to bed. I also read on my phone sometimes on my 30 min lunch break or on a 15 min break if I decide to use it.

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    I'm indifferent as far as reading material goes. I read on an iPad at home for digital, a computer screen at work, or on physical paper. I liked the Kindle Paperwhite, but it can't read prepubs, the image quality was garbage, and having to mess around with Calibre every time I wanted an ePub on it was tiresome when I just download it and read it directly on the iPad. I've even read on my phone a couple times, but that was a little more painful than I'd like.

    I do really like collecting the physical books though, even if I've long run out of bookshelf space to store them. I wish I could get digital with the physical books. I'm not quite rich enough to buy two copies of every book I read.

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    I also enjoy physical copies of books (I have a wall full) but I only have a few light novels in hard copy. I've gotten in the habit of opening an app when I feel like reading and Idon't want to carry paperbacks around- I'll read a hard copy all at once (like bringit with me on a trip/ read at the airport/on a plane - on at home on a day off)

    there is something extra-special about hard copy

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    Great thing about digital reading is the ability change the font size. The ability to quickly change font size, or even the font type to be comfortable reading for that particular moment is really nice.

    I read on iPhone, kindle paperwhite and Macs.

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