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    I'm sure it's been suggested before, but I'd still like to officially suggest a favorite list where you can mark off series that you enjoy and potentially be notified of updates would be quite lovely.

    I'd also like it if there was a section pertaining to each series (Light Novels, specifically) where you can see the illustrations only instead of having to dig through the novel looking for the illustrations.

    Appreciate any consideration!

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    Welcome to the forums of JNC ~

    That is a fine suggestion. I like especially the second part in regards of the illustrations.

    Until then I am using the trick I read in the forums and unzip the prepubs to access all illustrations of a book at once.

    Also, I am a little unsure if they want to make it available at the website at all, if JNC is really using those illustrations in a weird way as stated in another topic: https://forums.j-novel.club/post/62217

    I would definitely welcome JNC to consider that.

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    This is something many have been asking about for a while. Though now more than ever we need the ability to at least follow or sort the novels that we are reading. It is getting harder and harder to get through and find a novel that I am in the middle of reading.